3LAU x Coinbase

Join Coinbase in this chat with Justin Blau (3LAU), an electronic producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. 3LAU went from crafting mashups to creating original house tunes to building a crypto marketplace for music.

Find out how he believes NFTs, and blockchain technology will change how the music industry works.

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The Power Of Networking In Expanding Your Music Business

You have set up your music business and now you want to get your clients? You do not know where to start? Well there is no other tool better than networking to help you succeed in this business. Below are some tips that you can use to sharpen your networking skills which can help you grow your business leaps and bounds.

Music PR And Exposure For Unknown Bands On The Internet

So you want to be in a band. Or perhaps you’ve bounced from group to group over the years looking for that perfect fit. What you really want out of life is to play music and be recognized for your talents. It’s not an uncommon dream, and unfortunately, it’s that competition that you’re up against. The world of music is one where only the strong and the persistent survive.

Katy Perry’s Teen Choice Costumes

At the 2010 Teen Choice Awards last month, pop star Katy Perry didn’t disappoint the audience with her visual hostessing skills. Changing into seven costumes in addition to her other stage wear, Perry made sure to mock every single high-school cliche with her getups. Her costume included rock-chick, geek, goth, hippie, cheerleader, prom queen and strapless strips. It’s hard to say which teen costume was the favorite of the night, they each were so hysterical and on target.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Music Business

Playing music can be your passion but when it comes to getting into it as a business the whole approach has to be very different. You can no longer be haphazard about it. You need to plan it well and ensure that you have proper goals that you want to achieve. Here are tips of how you can start giving a business angle to your passion.

Little Known Ways Of Making Money By Teaching Music

Is music teaching your passion? Whether it is guitar or piano or drums, you love the idea of novice music enthusiasts becoming pro in their instruments and giving you the credit for the same? You enjoy seeing the satisfaction on their face when they can master a chord? Well then you are on the right side of this noble profession of teaching music. But you need to know that you have to also think of it as a business and cannot afford to be unprofessional about it. Here are some tips you can follow to make it work for you.

Little Known Secrets Of Money Making With Music

You love your music and want to make a career out of it, but you do not know where to start? Well you need to get it right from day one and focus on developing your image. There is a lot of competition out there and you need to thread carefully constantly thinking about how you conduct yourself and how you take all those opportunities that come along your way. The key here is to not make a mistake and not be in haste. Below are some tips you can follow…

Here Are Ways To Promote Your Band Without Spending A Fortune

You have just started your band? You do not have the money to promote it in big scale? You almost feel it is like you need to put the cart before the horse if you want to make it big in the industry? Well you do not need to worry; there are some quick and easy ways to get there without a huge cash outlay. Read below for quick tips on what you can do.

Here Are The Secrets Of What It Takes To Be A Lead Guitarist

Being able to play a guitar in front of a crowd efficiently and magically is not the ultimate dream of every artist. Though beginners often state that they only wanted to play some music, it just doesn’t stop there, especially if you see yourself going somewhere. You want to see yourself advancing to being the lead guitarist of a band. Getting involved in a band is one thing but playing as the lead has its own charm and high.

How To Choose The Songs You Play On Your Guitar

You have started your band? Now you play regularly at a local pub or restaurant? You are getting regular invitations to play at local marriages or birthday parties? Well you would not want to spoil your success by playing a wrong song or playing your song incorrectly. You want to get it right first time and do not want to take chances. Then here are the tips to ensure that you always choose the right song and get it right first time.

Mixing Music Software – Music Creation Has Never Been Easier

Mixing music software are actually tools for your music projects to come real. They are fantastic utilities for your musical inputs. The first thing is to learn everything what musical software offers. It might be the fact that initially, things might not as rosy as you might have imagined, but keep at. After all, everything initially is tough to contend with, but with time and effort, things will turn to shape out much better. And thinking that you can master everything quickly is a wrong idea as it will surely take time.

7 Ways To Find The Best Mp3 DJ Mixer

There are numerous ways which allows you to find out the best Mp3 DJ Mixer. The first thing which must be taken into consideration while looking for the best mixer is your personal likeness and preferences. Always choose the one which suits best to your music creativity and mixing abilities. There are different quality mixers which allow you to become a perfect and one of the finest DJs of times. By choosing proper music mixing software and adopting some basic ways of mixing the music will surely facilitate in this regard. Here are the seven great tips and ways to find the best Mp3 DJ Mixer so that you don’t make any costly mistakes…

Audio Mixer – Getting The Right Software For Music Editing

Getting the right music software for your music mixing is absolute key for your growth. Be it a professional or a beginner, it is absolutely mandatory for you to learn the tips and tricks of the software. Music editing is another thing to reckon along with the complete authority of developing your own music.

Getting Free DJ Mixer Online

The DJ world is all but heading on with the introduction of the MP3 format and other media formats. This has certainly created a boom in the DJ industry. The free DJ mixer software is now the trend these days as their ever increasing demand continues to grow. Getting the free DJ is the order nowadays. The new free DJ mixer software is coming with ever new features.

Create Music With A Music Mixer

Creating music with a mixer is as easy as it gets. You need a place to work, together with a keyboard and music mixer software or a sequencer. Initially, it is best advised to keep it as simple as possible. You may want to overdo a lot by trying, learning everything and taking on most of the things that comes your way. But that won’t prove to be an overly clever idea. Instead, try to keep things as simple as possible. Don’t try to become a master straight away. Music learning is not a piece of cake and it will take time for you to grasp it.

Rocket Piano – The Best Way To Learn Piano Online

If you have always been eager to play the piano, but perhaps you cannot find the time to study how to play the instrument or perhaps you are fearful it might just be an additional expense on your cash flow, then make it a point to first check out the reviews that you may access online. That way, you will get first-hand information on everything you need to find out about mastering the keys in piano.

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