A Day in the Life of Nashville Hit Songwriter JT Harding | In Their Boots

Hit Country Music songwriter JT Harding travels from Nashville to another legendary city of music: Detroit, Michigan. Watch as JT brings us along for the ride and gives a behind-the-scenes look into the process of his song writing, while showing us the ins and outs of performing at a songwriter’s event.

In Their Boots follows along and profiles many of the talented people behind the scenes of the genre. Our cameras and correspondents explore what it’s like making a living in and around Country Music.

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The Basics of Music

Music is the art of creating, performing, and arranging sounds or melodies to convey emotions or ideas. It can be performed live or recorded, and may include improvisation. The genres of music differ widely, and many artists combine elements from several to create new styles. Music can also be a social experience, where people come together to dance or listen to a song.


It’s important to know the basics of production before you start making music. The most successful musicians will have knowledge of how to make good records, from choosing the right gear to mixing their own tracks. They also have an understanding of the technical aspects of recording, such as levels, EQ, and gain.


There are thousands of different types of music, from classic melodious songs to rap and pop hits. A popular type of music is rock and roll, which has a driving beat and lyrics that are often about romance, freedom, or money. Other types of music include jazz, which uses complicated rhythms and harmonies, and country, which is more familiar to people because it’s sung by popular singers.

A song’s texture refers to the layers of sound in a composition, and how they relate to each other. It can also refer to how thick or thin the sound is – for example, a full orchestra might have a dense texture, while a ukulele might have a light texture. Timbre is the quality of an instrument’s sound, which can give it color or emotion.

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