A Look Inside The Ryman with Chapel Hart | The High Notes

Join Chapel Hart as they share the story of getting ready for their Ryman performance. Get a look behind the scenes as this trio talks about the anticipation and excitement leading up to their debut performance at Country Music’s most storied venue. And be sure to check out their new single, “Glory Days”!

The High Notes sits down with Country Music icons, up-and-coming artists, stagehands, tour managers, and all the people who make Country Music what it is to see how they prepare for the day before a career milestone.

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The Production of Music

The production of music is the process by which sounds are created, recorded and manipulated so that they can be played back. All the music we know and love goes through this process – regardless of how underground or well-known it is.

Music has the power to inspire. It can change our moods and emotions, influence how we see the world around us and how we interact with it. Music can make us happy or sad. It can bring up memories and even cause physical changes in our body. This is why it’s no surprise that people are prone to say things like “this song makes me feel so good” or “that song reminds me of that one time”.

The Rhythm of Life

The most interesting fact about music is that it’s very much an art form that requires an immense amount of practice to learn. It’s also very complex, with a lot of rules that need to be followed in order for it to sound good. The rhythm of music is governed by the beat and tempo, a pattern of short and long notes. When the melody and rhythm are combined, they create harmony.

Harmony is when two or more different musical sounds harmonise together to produce a pleasant sound, like singing in tune. When the sound is not harmonious, it can sound jarring and scary. The harmony in a piece of music can also depend on the timbre of the instruments, such as the way a piano and guitar sound different. The articulation of the sounds can also vary, making them short and crisp (staccato), long and smooth (legato) or stressed with a sudden emphasis (sforzando).

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