A sunrise session with @Marsh at Explorations 🕺🌞 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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Featuring unheard IDs and plenty of trance classics, relive Marsh’s brilliant sunrise set from Anjunadeep pres. Exploration 2022.

Production – Dream Beach Media


01. Marsh – ID
02. Eli & Fur – Wild Skies
03. Marsh – ID
04. Jeremy Olander – Lauderdale
05. Marsh – ID
06. Marsh – Free (VIP Mix)
07. Marsh – Innocence
08. Marsh – Lost In You
09. Jakatta – American Dream (Joey Negro Club Mix) [Marsh Edit]
10. Marsh – Healer (Guy J Remix)
11. Galestian – L’Amour (Alex O’Rion Remix)
12. Mike Griego – Dysbiosis
13. Marsh feat. Sun Ra – Another Planet
14. Guy J – Airborne
15. Marsh feat. Mimi Page – Eu Topos
16. Robert Babicz – Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix)
17. Marsh – Pretty Eyes
18. Dave Seaman – Buzzfuzzle (Luke Brancaccio & Gai Barone Remix)
19. Sebastian Sellares – Dunes at Dawn
20. Sebastian Sellares – Garden Of Eden
21. Joris Voorn – Antigone (Yotto Remix)
22. Marsh – La Scéne
23. Twice As Nice – Overture (Guy J Remix)
24. Guy J – Modulator
25. Marsh – Little Darling
26. Marsh, Spencer Brown – Pursuance
27. Holden & Thompson – Nothing (Marsh Bootleg)
28. Solarstone – Solarcoaster
29. Marsh – Love
30. Jeremy Olander – Love Flight
31. Ronnie Pacitti, James iD – Find Your Way
32. Marsh, Simon Doty – ID
33. Marsh – ID
34. Durante- Once Again
35. Marsh – ID
36. Marsh – Waiting
37. Marsh – Heaven
38. Yotto – Moving On
39. Marsh – ID
40. Xpansions – Move Your Body (Elevation) (Shadow Child Remix)
41. Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Yotto Rework)
42. Eric Prydz, Floyd Proper – Education (Club Mix)
43. Marsh – ID
44. Nox Vahn, Marsh feat. Mimi Page – Follow Me
45. Marsh -1992
46. Chicane feat. Maire Brennan – Saltwater (126bpm Edit)
47. Jaytech – Pepe’s Garden
48. Marsh – Lailonie
49. Marsh – ID
50. Marsh feat. Leo Wood – My Stripes
51. Dosem – Eternal Summer (Marsh Extended Mix)
52. Gill Norris – Forme (Guy J PM Mix)
53. Marsh – Fable
54. Faithless – Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix)
55. Marsh – Calling
56. Safri Duo – Played A Live (Marsh Bootleg)
57. Matt Darey, Urban Astronauts feat. Kate Louise Smith – See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix)
58. Oliver Smith – Sunday
59. Michael Gray – The Weekend [Marsh Edit]
60. Supermode – Tell Me Why
61. Orbital – Halcyon and On and On (Marsh Rough Master Outro Edit)
62. Eric Prydz – Call on Me

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The Evolution of Music and Genres

Music is a powerful force in our lives. Whether we listen to it on our iPods, jukeboxes, wall-mounted speakers in concert halls, or in bars and clubs, music has always inspired us to move, laugh, and cry. Today, music is more accessible than ever, with streaming and on-demand services making it easier than ever to find music you love.

Music has evolved dramatically since the first compact disc was released in 1982. In twenty years, over 200 billion CDs were sold worldwide. CD technology was different from traditional cassette tapes, and instead used digital optical recording, or DOR, to embed playable tracks onto polycarbonate plastic discs. As a result, CDs delivered better stereo sound than the original tapes. By the 1990s, many music lovers were replacing their tape collections with CD collections.

As the decade progressed, rock and roll changed into other genres, including punk, rap, and rap. A typical rock and roll band consists of lead vocalists, bass, and drums. Most rock and roll bands feature a powerful stage presence, and their songs are fast-paced and energetic. The era also gave rise to the punk rock movement, which grew in the 1970s. Some notable bands of this time period included X, Black Flag, and the Germs.

A large number of cities in the U.S. host music festivals. In Austin, Texas, there are five concert venues per capita, and the city has nine music festivals planned through 2022. The number of annual concerts and festivals is almost twice that of the average U.S. city. Music festivals provide a vital source of local sound, and a place to hear it.

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