Above & Beyond feat. Gemma Hayes “Counting Down The Days” (Official Music Video)

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UK trio Above & Beyond release their latest single ‘Counting Down The Days’.

Taken from their Billboard dance number #1 album ‘We Are All We Need’, ‘Counting Down The Days’ is also Above & Beyond’s first track to feature the vocals of Mercury Music awards nominee Gemma Hayes.

“We first came across Gemma through a bootleg mix that found its way on to our Group Therapy radio show ,” said the band’s Jono Grant. “Coming from a folk background, her voice has an honesty and emotion to it that really stood out from the pack and felt a perfect match for this song co-written with Victoria Horn.”

Set against a laidback summer groove, Gemma’s hazy vocal tones perfectly capture the melancholia of the drifting relationship on the Radio Edit.

A tried and tested favourite from their headline sets across the globe everywhere from L.A. Forum to London’s Brixton Academy, Above & Beyond’s Club Mix is a high energy affair that showcases the immediacy and emotion of a peak time A&B set in style. Now available on Beatport.

Director, DoP & Editor Kenlon Clark
Production Company Green Glow Films
Producer Kevin Lee
Executive Producer Alec Eskander

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Website: https://aboveandbeyond.nu
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