Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Love Is Not Enough (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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“The video for “Love Is Not Enough” follows the thoughts and emotions of two lost lovers in the final moments of their relationship – just as they realise that the relationship really isn’t going to work. The whole video is filmed and edited in reverse, reflecting upon the cyclical nature of relationships. The backwards footage highlights the ambiguity and uncertainty of whether they are emotionally leaving or returning.” Vicky Simmons, Director

Directed by Vicky Simmons, the video for Above & Beyond’s “Love Is Not Enough” (feat. Zoë Johnston) was shot on Hampstead Heath last December and features two rising stars of the acting world; Emily Beecham and Liam Boyle. Liam has starred in Powder (2010), Awaydays (2009) and Land Girls (2009). Emily has featured in The Calling (2009), 28 Weeks Later (2007) and was considered one of the 55 Faces Of The Future by Nylon Magazine’s Young Hollywood issue.

A poignant tale of a deep love that wasn’t quite to be, the video for Above & Beyond’s “Love Is Not Enough” (feat. Zoë Johnston) captures the confusing, frustrating and, ultimately, heart-breaking emotions of those final, fracturing stages of such a relationship in a stirring and cinematic style.

Released on 19th March 2012, Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston “Love Is Not Enough” is the latest single from the album “Group Therapy” – last year described as “the artist album of the year” by dance magazine Mixmag. A full remix package will include the new Above & Beyond Club Mix, and mixes from Kaskade, MRZO (aka Mat Zo), Maor Levi & Bluestone and Sykro.

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