Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – “We’re All We Need” (Official Music Video)

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“We Are All We Need” is an an album that places human relationships at its core, and explores the experiences and emotions that bind us – whether on defiant ode to friendship “We’re All We Need”, the anthemic “Blue Sky Action” or the possessive, post break-up tension of “Sticky Fingers”. As with 2011’s “Group Therapy”, Above & Beyond have worked with Andrew Bayer on the production of the album, which features 16 tracks including vocal collaborations with Zoë Johnston, Alex Vargas and Justine Suissa.

Above & Beyond commented: “As the writing process unfolded we kept noticing a recurring theme. Zoe hit it on the head with the beautiful song “We’re All We Need” and, after a minute’s thought, we had our album title. It’s very Above & Beyond and feels to us like a development of Group Therapy: you are most certainly included in our ‘We’!”

No song on the album embodies these themes more than the aforementioned title track “We’re All We Need”, sung beautifully by Zoë Johnston.


Directed by Kenlon Clark
Production Company: Green Glow / Escape Velocity
Producers Alec Eskander & Kevin Lee
Executive Producer Alec Eskander

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