Above & Beyond: Group Therapy 350 Deep Warm-up Set, Prague (Full 4K Live Set)

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Above & Beyond present Group Therapy 350 live from Prague.
Our deep warm up set, recorded on Thursday, October 10 2019 with Anjuna HQ and the #ABGT350 crew.
With thanks to Nomobo and the whole team at United Music Events.

[00:00] 1. Above & Beyond ‘Group Therapy Intro’
[00:48] 2. Andrew Bayer feat. Alison May ‘Immortal Lover’ [Qrion Remix]
[05:46] 3. Above & Beyond ‘Homecoming’ [Enamour Remix]
[10:38] 4. Eli & Fur ‘Into The Night’
[16:16] 5. Above & Beyond and Seven Lions feat. Opposite The Other ‘See The End’ [Avoure Remix]
[20:28] 6. Marsh ‘Eu Phoria’
[24:39] 7. Nox Vahn ‘Brainwasher’
[29:22] 8. Ben Böhmer & Monolink ‘Black Hole’
[34:31] 9. Joseph Ray ‘Room 1.5’
[41:12] 10. The Midnight ‘Kids’ [PROFF Remix]
[45:45] 11. The Dualz ‘Your Eyes’
[50:53] 12. Yotto ‘Hyperlude’ [Dosem Remix]
[54:45] 13. Tinlicker ‘The Walk’

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