Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Seven Lions Dubstep Remix)

Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (Seven Lions Dubstep Remix)




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Music Producing Software – Considerations and Your Best Options

There are many different options for different types of music producing software out there. With all of the competition and diverse options out there, there are many things that you will want to take into consideration while selecting your software. This article focuses on what to look for in the different types of music producing software.

Music Producer Information – The 5 Core Responsibilities of a Great Producer

For major albums and artists who care about the creating an album that will appeal to the masses, a music producer is an essential piece of the puzzle. The producer is responsible for the overall sound and outcome of an album. They are responsible for arranging, composing, coordinating, recording, and completing a music album.

Music Producers Salary – How Little Or How Much You Can Actually Make

Making money as a music producer is hard at first, but can be done. Producers can typically start off recording artists for free, and working with different bands and artists. After a while, and if you get good enough, people will start paying you to record and produce their music. On the low side a working producer can make around $15 grand a year, for the top music producers they can make upwards of $10,000,000.00 a year.

Major Record Labels in Entertainment Business

When anyone thinks of the names of major record label, it would be a safe bet to say a few of the big 17 come to mind. On the short list is of course Sony, Virgin, Warner Bros., and Columbia; Mainly because of their very large and famous client list. Scattered throughout the world, there are probably many thousand. The music business is enormous and the dream of getting signed to a Major Record Company is one that does not die easily. Most of the large and successful companies of major record label are based right here in the U.S.

Becoming a Music Producer – The Three Most Important Functions

Becoming a music producer can be a rewarding career if you play your cards right. Many people aspire to become a producer, few actually do, and even fewer get good at it. Being a music producer has three main functions, that is to arrange music, be the “ears” of a recording process and to oversee creating an album. If you can get those basic principals down, you will be on your way to making money as a music producer. Two of the best things that you can do to become a music producer is to go to a recording school and join a band

Music Studio Production Software

Choosing the right music studio production software is important if you want to make the most out of your new music production hobby. Of course, you want your music to sound good, but you don’t want to end up with a program or software that has way too many complicated features and an interface that may as well be in a different language.

The Best Free Online Tools to Use to Promote Your Music

More expensive doesn’t always mean better or more effective, especially when it come to music. Sometimes knowing who your audience is and targeting them can be much more effective than an all-out broad-based promotional assault.

School Management Software For Your Music Studios

Have you heard about the wonders and conveniences school management software can bring to your studio doorstep? If yes, read on and realize how you can experience the ease without putting the quality and efficiency of most of your studio operations.

Pros and Cons of Beat Software For Music Producers

Beat making software is a very new development. Thirty to forty years ago producers would use manual instruments to create beats and then other technologies to synthesize the beats with the vocal aspect. The olden ways of doing things were much more thorough and the music creation process more interesting.

Online Drum Machines – Simplifying a Music Producer’s Job

If you are really serious about making great music at home, then you are definitely going to need to look into getting an online drum machine!These drum machines are fantastic for so many reasons. In addition to being very easy to use, they save space which can be a deciding factor for those who have a home recording studio.

Producing Music Online

From classical to rap there are many different kinds of music for many different types of people. If you are interested in producing music online however, currently there are only a few different varieties available to choose from.

Producing Music For Online Enjoyment

The new wave of online entertainment is social networking sites. What do all bands want-fans! Of course your band wants some fans and the easiest way to get them is by posting your songs so everyone can hear them.

Producing Music Beats Basics

Producing a great music beat usually takes a little bit of creativity and know how from the user. Producing also is a great way to earn some extra money on the side from your busy work schedule.

What is the Basic Difference Between Music Production and Sound Engineering?

Music production involves creating the music from scratch and sound engineering involves mixing the different instruments together so it sounds nice. I will reveal both aspects as they relate to D.J.’ing but more so on the production side.

Record Label Addresses Directory

Though record label addresses are easily available, approaching a record company with high success rate has become very tough in the recent days. So, as a new music artist you need to come up with a different strategy in order to draw the attention of these indie record labels. It is important that you build your own fan base by performing at every given opportunity, the more fans you have, the higher the possibility of record companies noticing you. One can also build a fan base by using social websites and other tools available online.

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