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Welcome to our 24/7 Anjunabeats Radio, streaming a variety of trance and progressive releases from the Anjunabeats archive.

Our station features tracks from the likes of Above & Beyond, Oliver Smith, Genix, Gabriel & Dresden, Andrew Bayer, Tinlicker, Jason Ross and more.

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Search R&B Record Labels List

R&B is the popular name for the Rhythm and Blues, a new genre of music that evolved in the 1940’s and the 1950’s. Though this kind of music was first created by the African Americans, it slowly started getting around and almost all kinds of people started liking this unique music.

How Are Record Labels Looking for Talent?

Record labels are companies associated with the music industry. Many companies are involved with the production, marketing, distribution and manufacture and promotion of music. They provide the necessary infrastructure such as studios and help established singers as well as fresh ones to bring their musical products to the market.

What Are the List of Hip Hop and R&B Record Labels?

Hip hop and R&B are genres of music of African American origin. There are many companies or labels promoting, distributing, and producing this genre of music.

What is Audio Mastering? – Part One

The Mastering Process has changed a lot over the years thanks to the advances in technology & computers. Traditionally the Mastering process was only a transfer stage.

What Are Independent R&B Record Labels?

In the music industry, a record label is a trademark belonging to a company who sponsors musicians, singers and looks after the production, management, and distribution of the music CD’s or videos. They market the musical product. They enter into contracts with the singers and also search for new talent in the industry and promote it. The label shows the details of the manufacturer on the record along with their trademark symbol and other information.

The Magic of Rap Songs

Rap songs have a incredibly big presence in our culture nowadays. A lot of people find this variety of music to be speaking about actual problems that people must deal with.

The Differences Between Songwriting in NYC and Nashville

As a transplanted songwriter from Nashville to New York City, I’ve had the chance to observe, up close, the approaches to songwriting and the songwriting communities in both cities. While there are of course many similarities, there are also quite a few differences.

What is the Music Manager’s Role in Today’s “DIY” Era?

For many independent artists, the D.I.Y (do-it-yourself) option is chosen either by design (because they are perfectly happy and capable of doing things without a manager or label) or by default (because they are unable to attract the attention of a manager or label). In this D.I.Y era, dozens of fan relationship management…

Tips For Promoting Your Band

There are tons of people who write about “how to promote your band” on this social network or that social network. While social networks are an important part of culture now, there are other tried and true methods that work, no matter if you’re a metal band in 2010, or a sock hop trio stuck in 1960. Getting people to shows: One this that many bands fail way short on is interaction with potential fans outside of a gig or their inner circle of friends.

Indie Music Artists – Killer Strategies For Indie Music Artists Who Use Social Networking Sites

Did you know that 90% of your promotion could be done on social networking sites? Keep reading, as I will uncover a couple tips for indie music artists to boost your promotion results.

Monster Beats Studio

In the studio artists and producers toil for a very long period of time in order to correct and make the sound produced absolutely perfect. But usually you are not able to hear the music peacefully with the normal headphones that are provided.

Tips For Buying a Second Hand Acoustic Guitar

There are a few helpful tips for buying a second hand Acoustic guitar which are well worth remembering in order for you to make sure you are able to have what you want without wasting your money because as with anything second hand, you can end up with a really great bargain or end up with someone else’s problem, and this is definitely the case when you buy a second hand Acoustic guitar. The most important thing that will help you is to really take your time, properly test out each guitar first, and check if there seems to be…

The Best Brands For Learning to Play the Acoustic Guitar

If you are a novice player when it comes to the Acoustic guitar then you really need to have a good think about the best brands for learning to play the Acoustic guitar as you really want to spend your money well and have one that suits you perfectly for the stage you are at in learning to play the Acoustic guitar. You must also do a little bit of research and try and understand the workings of the Acoustic guitar before you commit yourself to purchasing one because only then can you make a good qualified decision.

Saving Money – Buying a Pre-Owned Acoustic Guitar

If you are thinking of saving money buying a pre-owned acoustic guitar then you need to be aware of some important factors. Yes you can save a huge amount of money by investing in a pre-owned guitar but you can also waste some money if you make a wrong decision when purchasing it.

Online Music Marketing, Harness the Power of Forums to Receive More Exposure For Your Music

Would you like to uncover a well-kept secret that can blow your online music marketing efforts wide open? In this article I will show you how to use music forums to take your online music marketing to the next level.

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