‘Anjunadeep Explorations 2022’ mixed by Daniel Curpen

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In anticipation of Anjunadeep Explorations 2022, held in in Dhermi, Albania, we proudly present a special mix in the form of over 4 hours of music from the Anjunadeep catalogue, curated and mixed by Anjunadeep’s A&R Manager Daniel Curpen.


[00:00:00] Douran ‘Sundancer’
[00:06:06] M.O.S. ‘Orchidea’
[00:13:02] 16BL & Wild Dark ‘Always’
[00:18:01] Qrion ’11-11’
[00:22:27] Yotto ‘Another Riff For The Good Times’
[00:27:28] Warung ‘Luminescence’
[00:34:49] Just Her ‘We Dance’
[00:39:45] Richie Blacker ‘2 Late 4 Love’
[00:44:42] Romain Garcia ‘Before You Go’
[00:49:54] Fluida ‘(I Am) Human’
[00:55:50] Ben Böhmer feat. lau.ra ‘Erase’
[00:59:58] VONDA7 ‘High Tide’
[01:04:06] Ben Böhmer feat. Malou ‘Lost In Mind’ (Volen Sentir Vision)
[01:09:30] Franky Wah feat. iiola ‘Bring Me Back To You’
[01:15:46] Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray ‘Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen)’ (P.O.S. Remix)
[01:20:44] Marsh ‘Free’
[01:25:54] CRi ‘Something About’
[01:30:48] Durante & HANA ’13 Voices’
[01:36:29] Luttrell ‘Music For My Memories’
[01:40:36] Fingerprint & Spencer Brown ‘Santorini’
[01:46:34] Nicky Elisabeth ‘Fading’
[01:50:11] Simon Doty ‘Living Sound’
[01:57:10] Joseph Ray ‘Changing Lanes’
[02:04:22] Nox Vahn ‘And The Sky Opened’
[02:10:39] Jon Gurd ‘Emergence’ (Joseph Ashworth Remix)
[02:14:58] São Miguel feat. Sebastian Reynoso – Hope In Balance
[02:19:10] Icarus ‘Only’
[02:23:20] Anyasa feat. Barbie Rajput – Birha’
[02:28:00] My Friend feat. Lauren L’aiment ‘Heyoka’
[02:33:38] Tinlicker & Dosem ‘Hypnotised’
[02:39:16] Eli & Fur ‘Big Tiger’
[02:44:38] Boxer, Jody Wisternoff & James Grant ‘Sun Kissed’
[02:50:16] MOLØ ‘Alden’
[02:57:28] Arina Mur ‘Magic Wand’
[03:04:49] Nordfold ‘Letter To Lillehammer’
[03:09:48] Nils Hoffmann feat. Julia Church ‘9 Days’
[03:14:51] Makebo & Amonita ‘Back To The Roots’
[03:22:44] Cornelius SA ‘Soaring’
[03:26:40] David Hohme ‘Soft Landing’ (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)
[03:32:48] Tagavaka ‘Mostraumen’
[03:37:35] Jerro feat. Beacon ‘Go Back Now’
[03:42:53] Frost ‘Overtones’
[03:47:34] Braxton ‘The River’
[03:51:42] Jon Gurd ‘Rise’
[03:55:33] Ryan Davis ‘Hold On’
[04:02:09] Igor Garanin ‘Sunday Driver’
[04:11:07] Cubicolor ‘Lose Your Senses’
[04:16:11] Sinca ‘Mancora’
[04:21:25] Rezident & Biishop ‘One Good Reason’
[04:27:02] Elif ‘Random Act Of Kindness’
[04:33:39] Martin Roth ‘Organic Cold Brewed Hipster Funk’
[04:39:21] il:lo ‘Meliadi’ (edited)

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The Evolution of Music – Genres, Producers, and Festivals

As time goes by, the way we listen to music changes. Once we relied on radio DJs to play certain songs, we now have the ability to choose our own music and listen whenever and wherever we like. Changing technologies have also changed how music is produced. Whereas record labels once viewed musicians as a dollar-generating commodity, they now have direct access to their fans and have more control over their art. What used to be impossible is now a reality, and you can listen to the music you love and enjoy wherever you want.

Stacker has studied music for five decades. His studies span from the evolution of genres, to generational influences, to relationships between artists, producers, and fans. They also cover the evolution of technology, music delivery, and music consumption. The results of his studies will be helpful to music lovers and music historians. Hopefully, this book will be a reference point for years to come. There is no better time than now to start listening to music.

In the late 1970s, punk rock emerged. This genre of music exemplified the anti-establishment and angry rebelliousness of the generation. Initially born in New York, it drew influence from the underground music scene in Great Britain. Patti Smith, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Black Flag, and Dead Kennedys defined this style. And even today, it remains one of the most popular genres.

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