Anjunadeep proudly presents Jon Gurd’s new album ‘Phoenix’ 🕊🔥 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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‘Phoenix’ follows the release of Jon’s acclaimed album ‘Lion’, out summer 2020, which reached #3 on the iTunes Dance chart and gained support from tastemaker DJs including Solomun, Stephan Bodzin, Adriatique, Ida Engberg and Shadow Child. Whilst ‘Lion’ explored themes of loss ‘Phoenix’ takes inspiration from themes of rebirth, marking the start of a new chapter.

“Phoenix was written during the UK lockdown last year. When things at home got to a pretty low point I asked myself what is the most empowering thing I can do right now and the answer was to make a new album. I’ve always wanted to make an album called Phoenix. I like the idea of rebirth and coming back stronger after big challenges.”

A respected selector and producer, Jon came through the UK underground in the early 2000s as resident DJ at the legendary Slinky in Bournemouth, warming up for the likes of Mauro Picotto and Paul van Dyk. His early productions were championed by Paul Woolford, Sasha, Lee Burridge, James Zabiela, and Sander Kleinenberg, and Jon soon found himself traveling the world performing alongside the artists he’d been opening for not long before.

“A lot of the album is about getting close to the bone of feeling, a lot like Lion was in a way, but this time trying to translate old subconscious memories into feeling. Memories of euphoria when I just started clubbing 20 years ago. The excitement of discovering and dancing to music for the first time. The feeling of connection on the dance floor with people you’ve never met before. The after parties, the whole thing.”

‘Phoenix’ is the latest album to be released on Anjunadeep, described by Billboard as “one of dance music’s ultimate tastemaker labels”. The label is known for discovering talents like Lane 8, Dusky, Yotto, and Ben Böhmer.

Release date: 8th April 2022

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Facts About Music Production

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From ancient times to the present, music has been a part of human culture and a major cultural force. Since Greek times, the art of music has been debated by different sectors of society. It is a subjective experience and based on cultural dialogues rather than objective assessment or a universal ideal of beauty. Although the definition of music has evolved throughout the centuries, it remains a topic of much debate. Despite the diversity of interpretations, there are some shared characteristics of all musical forms.

Ethnomusicological studies have shown that music is a participatory activity. From an individual’s private moments to large concerts with thousands of participants, music is an integral part of human musical experience. Many musical forms are repurposed to express different agendas or ideas. Music has been used by governments and corporations to bolster their power, sell cars, foment revolutions, and convert souls. In short, music “performs” culture.

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