Anyasa feat. Asad Khan – Shiva Valley

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Esteemed Goan dance producer Anish Sood unveils his third release on Anjunadeep under his Anyasa alias. Out June 20, the ‘Apollo EP’ follows his ‘Gaya’ and ‘Athena’ EPs, which have, between them, accumulated over 2.7 million streams, as well as coverage from outlets including Mixmag and Rolling Stone India.

Anyasa is an accomplished DJ and live act, as showcased in multiple set recordings online, including his performance for the launch of Mixmag’s Lab in Goa. He will also be touring internationally this summer, and following a trio of sets at Anjunadeep’s Explorations festival, he will be heading to North America, playing in cities including Toronto, Chicago and San Francisco, alongside a stop at Anjunadeep’s takeover of the Brooklyn Mirage on July 7.

Anyasa has, with his consistent, club-focused productions and energetic performances, earned support from tastemaking DJs including Maceo Plex, Joris Voorn and Marsh, and his new ‘Apollo EP’ is set to reach similar heights. Across the four tracks, Anyasa draws inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of India, and skilfully marries traditional Indian instrumentation and vocalists with modern electronic dance sounds, making for a unique, yet entirely signature release from the talented producer.

Release Date: 20th June 2023

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The Importance of Music Producers

Music is an art that has shaped humanity throughout history. It is the universal language that people turn to when words fall short. There is music in everything, from the way the planets and stars move in the galaxy to how people communicate with one another.

Music producers are responsible for overseeing the processes involved in recording and releasing music. They work to create a musical composition, record it using various instruments and equipment, and then mix it into a finished product. They also help with marketing and promotions to increase the exposure of a song or album.

There are many elements that make up a song, such as tempo, rhythm, tone, pitch, harmonic content, vocal allocation, and texture. Some of these are more fundamental than others. For example, a beat is an essential element of music, but many songs don’t have drums to supply it. Instead, they have something else that provides the rhythm, like a guitar riff or other instrumental part.

Some philosophers have argued that music is more meaningful than other arts because it is closer to the inner dynamism of process. This idea was most prominently advanced by Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche, although it is also found in earlier philosophical writings.

Some genres of music have had a strong social impact on society. Hip Hop, Rap and Rock music, for instance, have been used to address political and social issues. They have also given rise to new artists and genres, like Mariacheno in the US and Los Tigres del Norte in Mexico. These newer styles are a reflection of the reality of these communities and their heritage, while at the same time incorporating their modern day experiences.

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