Ariana Grande Says She’ll “QUIT” The Voice Over This Decision!

How To Start Your Own Mobile DJ (Disc Jockey) Music Business

If you love to listen and play music, you might enjoy starting a career as a mobile Disc Jockey. Mobile DJ’s travel to different locations and set up their music equipment and play songs for parties like weddings, 16th birthdays, family reunions, holiday parties, and all sorts of other events. If you can pick and play the right kind of music for the various different kinds of parties, you could be a mobile DJ.

Music Industry to Rebound by Mid 2011 – Say Analysts

The music industry has seen better days, and the last couple of years have been quite tough. That coupled with the fact that so many people are now downloading songs illegally, it is very much impacting the revenue of the artists and their promoters and record labels. The music industry has worked very hard to lobby Congress to help prevent the illegal downloading of songs, but it looks like in the information age it’s almost impossible to stop it.

Music Band Stardom and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Why do you think it is that so many rock stars die young? It’s obviously because their bodies burn out, often from all the drugs, smoking, and alcohol. They don’t get enough sleep when a party all night, and when they are on the road their bodies go to heck, as there is no time to exercise, and it’s one show after another and never enough sleep.

Music Industry – Nashville Makes a Comeback – Grand Ole Opry Better Than Before

Most people don’t realize that this subsector of the music industry called country music is alive and well. It will thrive and survive despite what the rest of the industry does. And nowhere is that more apparent than in Nashville Tennessee, the home of country music.

Home Recording: Live Studio Setup

Thirty years ago, when a band wanted to record, the members all went into a studio together, set up their gear in one large room (with maybe a few dividers between them), and played as if they were at a concert. Then they would overdub a guitar solo, backup vocals, and maybe a few percussion instruments. The beauty of this type of recording for a band is that you have a better chance of capturing the magic of a live performance.

How Hip Hop Artists Can Leap Ahead Of The Competition By Promoting Rap Music Overseas

Many Hip Hop and Rap artists are happy to be popular in their neighborhoods and local areas. Some are even content with just having nationwide success and notoriety. Successful Hip Hop artists have a global following that often times gives way more support to their career than they may find at home.

Cerwin Vega Subwoofer ‘In Its Prime’ – Woofer of All Ages

Music is the one of the most active and famous industry in the world today. Many people have become rich through this and there are more that is trying their luck in this field. What you do not know is that there are many things at stake if you say that you wanted to be in the money making business. There are so many ways to become rich and famous in this field and the need does not stop there. Even ordinary people has their own choice of song and type of genre, that is why you need to be able to know that things that is worth buying in this kind of thing.

Practical Steps for Soundproofing

Just because you make great music doesn’t mean you get to destroy your neighbor’s eardrum by playing incredibly loud. Here are some practical steps to soundproof your basement or improvised rehearsal space.

The Best Rap Beat Maker

Do you want to make rap beats? Do you need a rap beat maker? Are you on budget? Then keeping reading to know the best rap beat maker out there to start making rap beats now!

Hip Hop Beat Maker – 7 Main Features

A good hip hop beat maker must have some basic characteristics that are very important to make killer beats. Here is a list of the 7 main features any hip hop beat maker should have.

How To Make Beats – A Detailed Guide

If you have just ventured into the music industry or dream about a career in the business, you may have already realized the importance of good beats. There is simply no selling a song without the right beats; as a matter of fact, the impact of the best lyrics is hosed down if you don’t have the right beats in your hand. Although there is no dearth of programs and products that claim to help you create the most enticing beats or even give you access to a ready made collection, for a newcomer it can be almost impossible to…

The Elusive Major Label Job

If your dream job involves working with famous artists, record releases, award shows, and countless top 40 singles, you’re probably meant to work at a major label. With the continued consolidation of the industry and near constant layoffs, getting one of these jobs can be particularly difficult. So here’s a few pointers that may help you land that coveted position.

Music Marketing – How to Market Your Music Online and Reach Your Audience

To market your music online, first you need to have your professional product intact. This is covered in many other articles but it constitutes a properly written bio, photos, a website, an album or demo, and art. If any of these puzzle pieces are unprofessional – wait.

Home Recording: The Stand Alone Recorders

The first affordable stand-alone digital recorder to hit the market was the Alesis ADAT (which stand for Alesis Digital Audio Tape) in 1992. This machine revolutionized home recording, making it possible for the home recorder to make some pretty high-quality recordings without having to spend a fortune. Many commercial studios used ADATs as well.

Making Your Own Rap Or Hip Hop Beats The Right Way – A Guide For Beginners

Making your own beats can be both fun and frustrating. Here are some really good tips on how you can get started and over come any troubles you may face when making your own rap or hip hop beats.

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