Ben Böhmer & Monolink – Black Hole (Indie Dance Mix)

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To celebrate the third year anniversary of its original release, Ben Böhmer and Monolink’s ‘Black Hole’ is reworked by Stuttgart-based DJ and producer Konstantin Sibold.

Taken from Ben’s debut album ‘Breathing’ which has over 100 million streams across streaming platforms, ‘Black Hole’ is as much a stand-out track on the album as it has been in Ben’s live sets.

With releases on Afterlife and Innervisions, a recent remix for Adriatique, and upcoming shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London, Konstantin Sibold doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The German producer now delivers three impressively different takes on the original, showcasing his talent across indie dance, melodic house and tech-house.

Release date: 11th October 2022

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The Evolution of Music – Facts About Genres and Festivals

Music is one of the most universally shared experiences in our culture. We listen to it in countless ways, including on jukeboxes, earbuds, on speakers at concerts, and in bars and restaurants. As a result, it has influenced every aspect of human life. Music has always been a form of expression that can make us cry, dance, or laugh. However, music is evolving rapidly, with new technology and new ways to listen and experience it.

The first compact disc (CD) was released in 1982. By 1990, over 200 billion CDs were sold. This technology did not use magnetic tape, but instead used digital optical recording to embed playable tracks on polycarbonate plastic discs. The audio quality from CDs was superior to that of cassette tapes, and the widespread availability of CDs meant that the cassette tapes would soon be a thing of the past. In the 1990s, a CD collection replaced the tape collection of many music enthusiasts.

The ’70s saw the advent of punk rock, a genre of rock and roll that reflected a sense of angry rebellion and nonconformity. The music of this period was largely influenced by the underground music scenes of Great Britain, and bands such as the Ramones, Sex Pistols, and The Clash emerged as the standard bearers. While some of the defining artists of the ’70s died in the 1990s, many rock icons remained.

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