Blake.08 – Eyes Ablaze

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Australian DJ and producer Blake.08 makes a triumphant return to Anjunadeep with his latest offering titled ‘Eyes Ablaze EP’.

Following his label debut earlier this year with his ‘High Fidelity EP’, Blake.08’s talent caught the attention of renowned artists including Solomon, LTJ Bukem, Ben Pearce, Joris Voorn, and more. Blake.08 continued to impress when EP’s title track ‘Eyes Ablaze’ was featured on the flagship compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’, quickly becoming a fan-favourite from the album.

Throughout the three-track EP, Blake demonstrates his versatility as a producer. ‘Eyes Ablaze’ is an incredible reinterpretation of Blue Foundation’s cult classic single ‘Eyes On Fire’, which gained prominence from the 2007 Twilight film. ‘Low Vision’ captivates with its intricate melodies whilst EP closer ‘Dance With Me’ features driving percussive laden-grooves and evolving synths.

Release date: 25th August 2023

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What Is Music?

Music is a medium for artistic expression of emotions and ideas in a form that can be appreciated with pleasure by other people. It has melody, harmony, rhythm and tones that make us feel the song or instrumental played live or using a device. It can relax your mind and offer you a perfect channel to work better or even to float in a world of your own where you feel comfortable.

It can also convey simple information, like the tone of a cell phone ring (someone is calling you) or the sound of an ambulance siren (somebody needs your help). More obviously, it can convey a message about a person or event, as in the case of the bugle calls that told armies to retreat or the African lunga drums that were used to send messages between villages.


Making music involves more than just playing a song or singing a tune, although these are important aspects of the craft. Other activities include composing, arranging, editing, producing, and recording. All of these processes can be done by professional musicians as well as amateur ones.

Facts about Music

Music can do many things, from enriching our communities to providing entertainment and getting humans in touch with beauty. Often, it does all of these at once! But a good song can also stand on its own, without being a vehicle for any particular message or goal. That’s what makes music so unique, and it’s why it will always be with us.

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