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10 Fashion Tips for Performing Female Musicians – What to Wear on Stage

One thing that all successful Female Musicians have in common is a great eye for fashion. They make their mark by either being super fashionable or very down-to-earth basic. The following 10 tips will help you develop your own vogueness as well as zero in on some of the “faux pas” to avoid.

The Opening Act: How to Maximize Your Opportunity

If you’ve landed an opening act slot for either a single date or are lucky enough to be the support act for an entire tour, then here are some tips to help you maximize your opportunity. In other words-sell more CDs, endear yourself to the main act and their crew, win over a new audience and make a great impression on the venue’s booking people to land a gig of your own in the future.

Booking and Touring Strategy: Holding Dates

Putting a Hold on a date when booking a gig is a term used by venue bookers, agents and managers. Artists who book themselves need to know this term and how to apply it as one of their key booking strategies while setting up tours.

Booking Agents: Working With Artists From the Agents Perspective

Getting a Booking Agent is one of the first things an artist thinks of as their first step in their career development. So let’s think about this from the perspective of the agent. An agent is in the business of securing performance opportunities at select venues for artists appropriate for those venues.

Contract Cancellation Clause: What to Do When the Gig Gets Canceled?

What happens if either you or the promoter has to cancel the date? The first item of business is to make sure you have a good cancellation clause in your contract.

Hot Deals on DJ Speakers to Make Christmas a Sweet Song

UK sites selling B stock and ex display DJ kit will always be running hot deals on DJ speakers – mainly at this time of year! This is the right time to buy some cool yet low priced DJ kits.

Join My Band, How To Skyrocket Your Bands Popularity

Join my band, that’s what you’ve got to be asking your fans to do, not just people you know, but the people that don’t know you yet, and it’s not as hard as it sounds. Chances are, you are asking people to watch you, buy your merchandise and a few other routes that many bands take, and fail. This is because you are looking at the same methods that countless other bands use to generate publicity. Well, I can tell you now, the secret to making it in music is to do something different to the herd. Read on and let me explain.

What You Should Know About the Music Industry

You want to know the best ways on how to make it in the music industry? That ‘how’ part certainly has to come first before asking ‘when’ you are going to launch yourself in the business. There are a lot of people who failed about getting into it the right way because of not being able to figure out the right approach. So this article will do you a favor by providing you some tips.

Ever Wondered How To Become A Songwriter?

When you want to learn how to become a songwriter, it is necessary that you have the interest to write down and transform feelings into words. There is a skill attached to it since you cannot be called a songwriter if you don’t know how to mix and match the right words for the right tunes at the same time.

Why Do You Need Professional CD Duplicating Service?

CDs and CD duplication is not an unfamiliar thing for us. If you are the owner of a computer or laptop, you might have burned many CDs for your personal use. Your content is copied from a CD to disk or vice versa and for that you don’t need to know so much of its technicality.

The Story of Justin Bieber

Born Justin Drew Bieber, of Ontario, Canada, Bieber has become the hottest new pop/ R&B singer. Bieber first got his big break in 2008 when one of his YouTube videos was discovered by his soon-to-be manager Scooter Braun. It is said that both Usher and Justin Timberlake heard Bieber’s music and wanted to sign him to their contracts. Bieber chose to go with Usher, and that is how he came to be under the Raymond Braun Media Group label.

A Wonderful Christmas Live Concert Using iPad And iPhone Applications

The first time I observed the online video of this fantastic tech guys playing a Christmas tune in harmony using only their iPad’s and also iPhones, I was almost half anticipating Steve Jobs to come out dressed like a Santa Claus in order to spread some Apple free gifts for the holidays. However seriously, as an artist personally, I cant help however appreciate that technology brings not just convenience for our company and communication but can also be employed in the performing arts.

What In The World Is A Decibel?

One of the first terms you hear most when you begin recording music is “dee bee”. Everyone throws the term around, but how many musicians really know what it means? I’m going to attempt to explain the decibel, or dB, in a fun and memorable way here so that you can walk away with a pretty good understanding of what it represents and how it came about. Don’t be afraid. There are no complicated mathematical equations and goofy looking symbols here.

4 Reasons We Do Reference Mixing and Mastering

A lot of times when bands approach us for mixing and mastering services we ask for a CD, .wav, or MP3 reference to listen to when we are working out the mix or master. For example if a pop punk band comes to us for mixing, we may use a Green Day tune as a listening guide.

The Recording Process

The first question that most bands ask when they come to the recording studio is “what’s the process like?” And usually they follow that up with conveying a previous experience of recording their band one instrument at a time: Drums first, then rhythm guitar(s), then bass, etc… I think it’s too bad that most groups have had to “capture the magic” through this process.

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