Chilled-out summer sounds from Eli & Fur… ☀️ #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

Important Facts About Music

Music is the art of arranging sound in an expressive form that communicates specific ideas and emotions following particular rules. It has melodies, harmony and rhythm as its main aspects. It is a cultural universal, and evokes a range of emotions and feelings.


The recording process of a song or album is one of the most important parts in the creation of music. It is usually done in a studio or similar place and involves several people including producers who oversee a recording session’s creative and technical aspect, mixers who attend to all aspects of audio engineering, songwriters who write the song’s lyrics and musicians who play the instruments.

Interesting Facts:

Rhythm: The repetition of beats and the accentuation of certain beats in a composition. Rhythm can be played or sung with many different intensities and can vary from very soft to very loud. It can also be tempo-related where each musical phrase is broken down into small patterns known as measures and each of these measures have groups of two, three or four beats or counts. Beats can be subdivided into simple meter where each beat is the same length or compound meter where each beat can be longer or shorter.


The music industry is always evolving and there are plenty of opportunities for new artists. From pop and electronic to rock and jazz, there is something for everyone.

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