Chris Luno & CEAUS feat. Keilimei – Horizon

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The Anjunadeep Explorations EP series returns, and on its 23rd instalment, features an unprecedented eight tracks. The various artist series, a showcase of fresh and emerging talent from the global electronic music scene, has previously paved the way for many much-loved Anjunadeep mainstays over the years including Marsh, Simon Doty, Luttrell and CRi.

The compilation kicks off with ‘Horizon’, a spellbinding collaboration between German producer Chris Luno and Turkish artist CEAUS, and features the hypnotic vocals of Paris-based vocalist Keilimei. The release follows Chris Luno’s recent debut on Lane 8’s label This Never Happened. Chris has previously been supported by Diplo, Gordon City and Claptone, collaborated with Tube & Berger, and racked up over 35 million views on his Youtube channel since starting his widely popular Youtube mix series in 2020. CEAUS meanwhile, at the age of just 18, also has an impressive CV with releases on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records and Colorized to his name, as well as garnering support from reputable radio stations such as SiriusXM.

Canada-based producer Sinca is welcomed back to the compilation series following her label debut for Anjunadeep Explorations 19 with ‘Mancora’, which racked up over 1.3M streams on Spotify alone and won support from label boss James Grant in his sets. Her new track ‘Villeray’ pays homage to a special Montréal neighbourhood, and creates an alluring groove using delayed plucks and syncopated percussion.

LEGATO is Birmingham-based producer who debuted on Anjunadeep recently with his track ‘Petals’, a collaboration with Jody Wisternoff & James Grant that featured on flagship label compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’ earlier this year. He’s previously released on labels such as All Day I Dream and Nightcolours, and been supported by the likes of Disclosure and Pete Tong. His new offering ‘I’ll Never Forget You’ comprises warm chords and relaxed percussion to create a balearic-influenced, evocative deep house track.

Berliner JAMIIE steps up for her label debut with her track ‘Tongue Of Flame’. JAMIIE has previously released on Watergate, Studio Kreuzberg and Cacao Records. ‘Tongue Of Flame’ is no exception to the slick melodic house and techno that has earned her support from and from the likes of Solomun, Just Her and BBC Radio 1’s Jeremiah Asiamah.

Mexican duo Zombies In Miami have previously released on Berlin labels Watergate, Correspondent and Permanent Vacation, and collaborated with artists such as Biesmans. ‘Remember The Days’ is a peak-time ready dance track, combining the duo’s influences from house, Balearic, trance and Italo.

Igor Garanin returns the compilation series with ‘Clean Slate’, a collaboration with Australian producer Hiski, having previously featured on Anjunadeep Explorations 15. He recently featured on this year’s label Compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’ with his remix of ‘Surge’ from legendary trance trio Above & Beyond.

The compilation rounds off with producer Joshua Moreno who lands on the label from his native Trinidad & Tobago with his track ‘Last Kind Deed’, and German live act, and This Never Happened alumnus oddchapters and his track ‘Fjord’.

Release Date: 8th August 2023

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A Guide to Music Production, Articulation, and Visual Media

Music is a form of art that, in one form or another, permeates every human culture. It is often credited with having the power to influence emotion, and has been used in rituals, drama, and advertising. Today, modern music is heard in a bewildering profusion of styles, many contemporary, others rooted in past eras.


From the first note to the last, producing music is a complex and rewarding experience. There are many facets to the craft, including singing or playing an instrument, recording, editing, arranging, and writing. Producing can be very frustrating as well, especially when a song is in the middle of being perfected and life throws you a curve ball. Despite these setbacks, it is important to continue to create. It is the only way to find that creative place that will produce great songs.

Facts About Music

From classical piano to hip hop, there is a world of music that will appeal to every taste. Many genres have specific characteristics that differentiate them from other musical styles. For example, rock music from the Beatles era differs from the music of Nirvana, and the sound of an acoustic guitar is different from that of a electric guitar. Dynamics, or amplitude, refers to the volume of a piece of music; it can be loud, soft, or gradually get louder and then fade out (crescendo, decrescendo). Articulation refers to how long or short notes are played or sung; it can also be smooth or choppy, stressed or unstressed (staccato), or given sudden emphasis through sharp or flattened sounds (sforzando, rubato).

The integration of music into visual media can enhance storytelling and characterization, as well as drive audience engagement and interest. For instance, the use of classic rock songs in movies like Forrest Gump and Guardians of the Galaxy or catchy pop songs as jingles for brands like Coca-Cola have all been successful examples of this collaboration.

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