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Using the Microphone When You Are Performing

It is important for the singer, speaker, or the entertainer to understand well the way to use the microphone. Because knowing to use the microphone will help you to look more professional. It is better for you to prepare everything before performing on the stage. Avoid the problem caused by the tool which you use to perform.

DJ Equipment For Beginners

Disc jockeys have been around in one form or another for almost a hundred years. From originators on the radio to the more recent hip-hop variety, the profession has grown exponentially. Djs can be found on the radio, at clubs, keeping the grove going in parties and even at weddings to ensure there is more than just a slow dance waiting at the end for the bride and groom. Starting to DJ is easy enough but there are a few key pieces of equipment that you are going to need to have and know how to set up. Putting the equipment together incorrectly can mean trouble before an event or the night has even begun.

Tips on Finding Local Guitar Lessons

If you’re looking for local guitar lessons it’s likely you have a casual interest in learning guitar. Maybe you’ve always seen people playing it around fires up North, or at parties, and you’d like to be that guy. Playing music is a beautiful thing and many people derive endless satisfaction out of being able to play their favourite songs and entertain their friends. The good news is you don’t need to be a technical wizard to have a lot of fun on the instrument! Here are tips to help you find a local musician who can get you up and playing.

You Need a Cohesive Group to Get a Record Label

If you want to get a record label, the members of your band need to be on the same page. You need to always look to the interests of the group as a whole, rather than needs of the individual members.

Ideas for Promoting Your Band Online

You should take advantage of the Internet while you promote your band. Social media and news sites are some of the most effective was of reaching out to people who will appreciate your music.

Behringer BCD3000 – A Total Flop?

Is the Behringer BCD3000 a total flop? The Behringer BCD3000 is certainly NOT a flop! I will say one thing for the mixer Behringer BCD3000 DJ… for the price, it’s a versatile piece of equipment.

Why People Start Rapping

I was wondering the other day why people rap. I see so many rappers on TV these days, so I was researching for an answer. Here is what I found out.

Revenue Streams and Playing Free

Bands are sometime asked to perform for free which cause the attitude to go into over drive. Things like “I am not performing for FREE!”.

Why Mixtapes Are So Important To Artists On The Rise

Many kids grow up dreaming about becoming hip hop stars but, the truth is, it is a very difficult goal to attain. If they are serious about making an impact on the competitive music industry, they need to release mixtapes of their music as soon as possible. Hip-hop mixtapes are one of the most important tools available to an artist on the rise.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Using A Professional Recording Studio

You’re a songwriter. It’s what you do. It’s what you’ve trained yourself to do through countless hours of study, practice and effort. Your songs are yours and no one can write them for you. In other words, you’ve become an expert at writing your songs. That’s how it should be. However, if you’re going to treat your songwriting as a business that you hope to profit from, then it’s in your best interest to employ experts at every level. In other words, unless you’re also a recording expert, I’d advise you to employ the people who are…

Getting the Vibe From Great Music

Music has always been a part of every person’s life. For most of us, it is an ingredient that gives substance to plain words. The melody that comes with it gives it a whole new meaning. It serves its purpose in a lot of ways; others may use them to calm things down, some may use it to keep themselves entertained and for most people, they use it to sing along or dance with. It may be different from one person to another but the fact remains that music has remained an important aspect of our lives throughout the years.

Make Your Own Beat – How To Arrange A Rap Beat

If you want to position yourself apart from the tight playing field of rappers, hip hop artists & other would-be artists, you’ve GOT to make good tunes. It requires a set structure. It must occupy the listeners subconscious & stay there after they are done listening. To do this, you have to have killer hip hop beats.

Cheap And Used Guitars – When To Go For Them

Many people classify guitars as cheap not because of its quality but the market price that is quoted for it. Used guitars on the hand are comparatively priced low by reason of being used before and thus losing its touch of freshness. My main concern in this article is about the benefits that will be derived from the use of these two types of guitars. Quality is not always directly related to price. What I mean here is that a very low priced guitar may be cheap but very durable and may withstand the test of time. Some used guitars are as equally good as very new ones and sometimes can perform better.

How to Treat Acoustic Sound Recording Room

If you want to have great quality of sound recording, you should know how to treat a music recording room. You cannot just install recording system without knowing how to treat the room first. By having a good sound recording room, you will be able to get good sound result since the room is designed to bring perfect sound recording. Learn how to set up and treat the room first before buying all the musical instruments and sound systems as well as the sound recording systems. Follow the steps below to get great quality track recording.

How to Establish Your Own Record Label

Every musician in this world is brought to you by a record label. Record labels are like the bridges that connect listeners to the musicians. Nowadays, many people are interested to start their own record label in order to make a profitable business with bright future and work on the field in relation to their interest.

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