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Make Your Own Rap Beats Just As Good As the Professionals

You can produce a platinum radio single (the beat anyway) using the ways I’ll discuss and a very inexpensive beat making software that comes with support and detailed video and manual instruction. You want to do your beat using one of these beat creation programs because they are fully stocked with pro quality drums, effects, keyboards and sounds that the main stream producers use to sell beats for thousands(sometimes hundreds of thousands) of dollars.

Make a Hip Hop Beat That Sounds Like a Big Time Producer Made It

If you are into hip hop music then I’m sure you have heard a lot of new rappers making hits from they’re laptops that became smash singles. Most of them accomplished creating a platinum radio sound using the exact same techniques that I talk about.

Make a Hip Hop Beat Fast Using These Simple Instructions

I’m going to teach you the easiest way to make a make a hip hop beat in no time. I can give you the instructions but I can’t give you the talent. Here is a secret though: when it comes to making beats, the talent is developed from doing it over and over again.

Mizuki Nana – Seiyuu and Singer

Mizuki Nana (Birth Name: Nana Kondo) is born is Niihama, Ehime, Japan. She is one of the most popular Japanese Singer-Song Writer and Seiyuu (Voice Actor) to date. Nana was trained to sing at the age of 5. In year 1993, she has released her single “Tsugazakura” in a compact cassette tape under her real name “Nana Kondo.” She was initially trained as an enka singer but has make successful progress in the Jpop industry later. In 1998, she made her fame as a Seiyuu (Voice Actor). Soon, she released her debut single “Omoi” from King Records on 6 December 2000 follow by Supersonic Girl on 5 December 2001.

Offering Downloads From Your Site – Money Isn’t Everything

I was challenged recently in class by a couple of my music biz course students over the issue of whether an unestablished independent artist should bother trying to sell music downloads from his/her own website when there are online retailers already established and available for that purpose. My position has always been that going to the trouble of incorporating a retail component in a site doesn’t really make much sense until the artist has generated a certain level of traffic to the site or unless the artist has at least a few other items of merchandise to flog as well. My students countered that it’s not all that difficult these days to set your site up for selling and that they’ve done so because by cutting out the third-party retailer they get to keep almost 100% of what the consumer pays for their music. This exchange of viewpoints got me going on a subject I think would be valuable to share with you as well, and that is the importance of keeping the bigger picture in mind when focusing on what to do with your music tracks on the Web.

Have That Hit Music Beat in Your Head – Create Beats On Your Computer and Share It With the World!

Have a hit music beat in your head, now you can create it on your computer. If you’ve been thinking about taking a tab at a music career making beats and possibly selling them then the time to get started is now. In this article we’ll discuss the software required to create beats on you computer.

Michal Schwa, Dj and Owner of Sydney Based Record Label Beef Records

No other time of year evokes a bigger buzz in the entertainment industry than Christmas and New Years. Months in advance promoters book out venues, booking agents’ phones ring off the hook and Djs pre-emptively save up as many hours of sleep as they can before touring.

DJ Cases – To Protect Your Valuable DJ Equipment

When you have the best DJ equipment in town, it is also very important for you to maintain it properly. You will need to have specialized cases that will help you maintain them very well. If you do not keep it properly, the chances are that your equipment is not safe and that they get damaged quite soon.

Start Making Beats With Beat Software As a Career!

You can work an eight hour shift five days a week or you can stay home and make beats with beat software. In the last few years, beat production artists have been making big money from beats produced on their laptops.

Music Marketing Secrets From Lord Alan Sugar

Alan Sugar is no doubt one of the most successful British entrepreneurs and in his autobiography entitled “What You See Is What You Get”, he gave some golden nugget tips that lead to his success. You know that I’m a big fan of finding music marketing potential in unexpected places so I have decided to go through the book and see what lessons we can take from it. Look For Music Marketing Potential Everywhere Even at the young age, Lord Sugar already thought like an entrepreneur.

Music For Film and TV Using Quality Music Library Boutique Sites

Music for film, TV shows and most other productions has fast become a large and very competitive market, while there is a lot of shows and different types of productions that need music, there are also a huge number of resources to get the music from. In years gone by a lot of music libraries were generally of a very low quality and were something of a joke, more like muzak for elevators than a TV show. There has of course also been some great library music as well, some of which has become legendary like the music by the KPM all stars for instance. These days low quality production music just does not cut it, it has to be top notch to survive and make money for the owner of the music. While the huge companies who have specialized in music licensing for decades are still around, there are also many smaller but still pretty huge companies who also have a vast range of music on offer.

Burning and Stamping Compact Discs

There are two ways CDs are made. One is called duplication and the other is replications. The final product is basically the same with regard to quality, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to both processes.

How to Become a DJ at a Club – Important First Lessons

DJing is a difficult industry to break into. You may know all the technical aspects of DJing and may even be able to teach others how to become a DJ, but success may still elude you because of the tough competition.

Elvis Presley – The King Of Rock And Roll

Elvis Presley was a poor Southern boy who became the king of rock and roll, a Hollywood movie star, and a cultural icon of the 20th century, adored by fans the world over. From humble beginnings, his story is the ultimate fulfillment of the American dream, of rags to riches.The legacy that he created in the 1950’s lives on and will be remembered throughout the ages because the magic that was, and is, Elvis will shine bright forever.

Rapping Beats – Exclusives Versus Leases – Make The Most Of Your Money

When you’re buying rap beats and instrumentals when should you go for an exclusive license and when should you go for a lease beat? Are lease beats even worth investing in as a serious hip hop or R&B artist? Read the rest of the article below to learn how to make the right buying decision to make the most of your money!

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