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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

The Importance of Music

Music involves the production of sounds through instruments, voices or other vocalisations. It is a form of entertainment that can also be used for recreation, spirituality or even communication. Some music artists spend time writing and composing new songs or soundscapes while others focus on promoting their work through social media, interviews or other marketing efforts. Music artists may also travel for live performances or tours.

Musical elements such as dynamics (loudness), tempo (speed or beats per minute) and articulation (how short or long, stressed or unstressed or sudden emphasis like decrescendo or crescendo) are used to express emotions or create certain moods. For example, a slow, sad song can make you cry while a happy song makes you smile. Music can be complex with multiple layers of instrumentalisation and harmonies, or simple and repetitive with single instrumentation and melodies.

The most obvious purpose of music is transmission and communication. Some of the most basic uses are the sounds of a cell phone ringing (someone is calling), or the tones of an ambulance, or the lunga (talking drum) of African tribes. Other more sophisticated uses include changing the tone of a person’s voice to communicate different emotions, and using music in sports training, rehabilitation or psychological warfare.

Artists who have the balls to say what they feel and to use their music to convey a message are vitally important. Whether that’s rap artists like Eminem who have the courage to be offensive, or jazz musicians such as Meredith Monk who can give new life to old works with her improvisations, their music is not only enjoyable but essential.

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