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Founded in 1958, the Country Music Association (CMA) is the premier trade association of the Country Music industry. Representing professionals making a living in Country Music globally, the organization serves as a critical resource of support and information, honors excellence in the genre and provides a forum for industry leadership. CMA is dedicated to expanding Country Music around the world through a number of core programs and initiatives including the organization’s three annual television properties—the CMA Awards, “CMA Fest” and “CMA Country Christmas,” all of which air on ABC. The organization’s philanthropic arm, the CMA Foundation, works tirelessly to provide equitable access to music education in order to create impactful change for students and teachers across the United States.

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How Music Is Made and Experienced

Music is produced by composers and musicians using an array of different instruments. It is recorded and released onto various formats including CDs, vinyl, Youtube, streaming services and radio. Once a song has been released it can be heard by millions of people around the world. Music can be experienced in a variety of social settings from a small intimate gathering to a massive concert. People can dance and sing, cheer and boo and even fall asleep to it. Music can also be used to create a specific emotion or idea such as happiness, sadness, fear, anger and love.

Musical styles and genres have changed throughout history. Some of these changes are caused by technological advances such as the invention of a new instrument or by social or political change. Other changes are the result of artists finding ways to express their ideas through music. For example, the 20th century saw the birth of the avant-garde which focused on exploring sounds that were not traditionally considered music. This helped to develop more experimental styles of music such as symphonies and operas.

Some famous composers from this period include Italian opera master Giacomo Puccini and Russian pianist/composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. While some modern artists experiment with different sounds and techniques (such as the prepared piano used by American composer John Cage), many remain true to traditional forms of music. This is perhaps due to the fact that good music can make you feel happy and even healthy. Some scientists have even found that plants grow faster and healthier in the presence of good music!

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