Cubicolor – Summer & Smoke (Collé Remix)

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Portuguese producer Trikk and Dutch producer Collé remix ‘Summer & Smoke’; one of the standout singles from Cubicolor’s latest album ‘Sometime Not Now’.

Trikk, who has previously released on Innervisions, Lossless and Music Optima, draws on his diverse musical influences from his two homes of Porto and Mozambique, as well as the musical melting pots of Berlin and London, to create a memorable remix characterised by an extremely catchy lead synth.

Dutch DJ and producer Randy Collé is no stranger to the electronic music scene, having received a great deal of support from acts such as Solomun, Âme and Black Coffee. His remix, which has already been supported by 8Kays in her Afterlife set in Tulum, is designed for the dancefloor and has some epic and emotional moments.

Release date: 4th April 2023

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