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Death Beach is a music producer and entrepreneur. His channel is for education purposes and is a way to reach as many people as possible.

Death Beach can work with you one on one with music production, coaching, mentoring, consulting for growth, and NFT planning.

Breaking Into the Music Industry

If you are trying to break into the music industry, then music promotional ideas are definitely what you are looking for as a musician resource. Imagine the possibilities out there. You have the Internet, word of mouth, lives shows and many other opportunities to promote your CD or band. I mean it is 2007, the digital age! There is absolutely no excuse out there for not properly promoting your music whatsoever!

How to Get a Record Deal Quickly

Well there are many ways to fast track you to success in the music industry, but the over-riding factor in it all is having a fan base, without one you don’t have much to offer a record label. The single most attractive thing to a label about a band is a band who don’t need a label, but every band knows getting there is easier said than done. Well you first need to look at why are other bands succeeding more than yours and how do you get yourself a large fan base. First up we want to…

Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

It’s one of those questions beginning singers struggle with: can anyone really learn to sing, or are some people just born with the innate ability? If you ask me, there’s no question about it: anyone can learn to sing.

What Do Record Labels Look For In A Band?

Well this surely is the big on isn’t it, we dream of getting a record deal with a label but there’s a lot of gray area between us and the label and what we can do to paint a bit of a picture to see what path takes us there. Firstly and simply there are many details that attract a label to a band, but the single most attractive thing to a label is a band that doesn’t need a label, a band that can make it on their own without the assistance of a record label. A band who…

How to Promote Music on the Internet Using Facebook

In this article I want to show you how to promote music on the Internet using the biggest website online. You might be thinking Google, but would you be surprised to hear that Facebook now gets more monthly views than the mighty Google! Plus the users stay on the site ten times longer because they are all very busy spying on on their ex boyfriends and girlfriends;-) With this knowledge in mind we need to develop an effective Internet marketing plan to tap into that traffic and get new fans to our website.

Music Artist Management – Music Industry Management That Rocks!

Good music artist management can be the difference between success and failure in the music business, but the problem is that nobody in the world cares as much about your music as you do. There are also a lot of managers out there who are just in it for the glamour and will leave you with no success at the end of it.

Music Production Programs and Classes – Making Beats

Interested in music? Why not enrol in once of our audio production universities where you can realise your musical ambitions.

Marketing Music and Making It

The music industry is enjoying robust ticket sales. People are willing to pay a hundred and up for a single ticket. Many say that what the industry is losing in record sales, it’s making up in merchandising and concert attendance. The music industry is enjoying robust ticket sales. People are willing to pay a hundred and up for a single ticket. Many say that what the industry is loosing in record sales, it’s making up in merchandising and concert attendance. But is this current model of generating funds via monster rock tours one that the industry can truly look at as its savior? It’s doubtful. So, what’s a new band or musical artist to do? How does an artist become successful in this new music world?

Passion Vs Age – How Old Is Too Old To Be A DJ?

Well in my mind there’s really no age limit and no one but you can decide when you’re too old to DJ. Presently I’ve been a DJ for over 15 years and it is something that I have a great deal of passion for. I love to entertain crowds of people, no matter the age; I love to see people happy about the music that I’m providing.

The Evolution of Hip Hop Production in Less Than 500 Words

From the early 1970’s until now, hip hop production has evolved rapidly as technology advances. The need for heavy and expensive equipment a lot of the time can now be replaced with a $20 software program.

The Rockstar Checklist

Being a rockstar and having a music career in music is one of the most fulfilling and exciting lifestyles imaginable. But it’s not only reserved for those at the top. You can master your own rockstar world with this quick and easy checklist I give all of my students. Rock on!

The Alchemy of a Standing Ovation

What’s in the alchemy of a standing ovation? I got my first standing ovation from 3,000 people at Town Hall in NYC and learn what made all the difference that night. It may work for you, too!

Are Hiphop Festivals Still Relevant In Today’s Music Industry?

All genres of music have music festivals. If you are involved in the music business in any way, you should make it your business to attend at least one in your lifetime. Music festivals can help take you career to entirely new levels.

Musician Marketing Plan: Number 1 Marketing in the Music Industry

I have one rule for any musician marketing plan that I write and it’s that it must be really simple to understand and fast complete everyday. Most bands will try and be all over Facebook and twitter, and every other social network out there. But they are not able to master the promotional opportunities for any of them.

The 360 Record Label Deal – Bane Or Boon for the Independent Music Artist?

There’s an old saying: “There is really nothing new under the sun.” That certainly rings true to me when I think of the 360 degree deal. In its purist form, this relatively “new” breed of record deal is basically the reincarnation, cloaked in contemporary guise, of an old and rather notorious entertainment industry modus operandi that permeated the film industry in its earlier years.

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