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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

What Is Music and How Does It Affect Us?

Music is an art form composed by combining sounds and words to create beauty, harmony, and express emotions. It is produced by using voices and instruments, as well as computers. People enjoy listening to it in a wide variety of social settings, from quietly sitting or dancing alone to attending a large concert. Even deaf or aurally impaired people can experience music through vibrations in their bodies; a famous example is the musician Evelyn Glennie, who was born with severe hearing loss and became an internationally renowned percussionist.

Production of music is often a collaborative process, with songwriters writing lyrics and melodies while producers arrange them into a song and record it. Producers may also add effects such as vocal manipulation or electronic beats, and they often play an important role in the promotion of the final product. Some musicians have their own production company; others work with major record labels, which typically control 65% of the market.

The eighteenth century brought a new sense of emotional depth to music, as composers such as Beethoven and Haydn began composing with expressive intent. They pushed the boundaries of classical forms, and artists of this period also created the genre known as romanticism, which consists of long poems that tell stories of heroes, knights, and chivalry and of unobtainable love.

Research shows that different types of music affect our moods. For example, an upbeat rhythm improves the gait of patients with Parkinson’s disease, while relaxing and soft music with a slow tempo can lower our blood pressure and heart rate. Music can even affect our physical performance: singing together in a choir increases self-esteem and social interaction skills, while playing an instrument gives children a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, good music can increase pain tolerance and reduce anxiety. In addition, music can stimulate our memory and creativity, as well as cause a frisson—a hair-raising sensation similar to that of spicy food or spending time with close friends.

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