Eli & Fur – Talk To Me

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Superstar duo Eli & Fur release the first of their two-part ‘Follow The Dark’ EP series, including recent singles ‘Where I Find My Mind’ and ’Temptation’ and unreleased offerings ‘Follow The Dark’ and ‘Talk To Me’.

With their recent single with MEDUZA, ‘Pegasus’, accumulating over two million streams in the first week of release, and ‘Temptation’ and ‘Where I Find My Mind’ receiving support on BBC Radio 1, Capital Chill and SiriusXM, the British duo shows no signs of slowing down.

After headlining Anjunadeep’s label showcase at iconic venue Printworks London in December, the girls are set to play all over the world in the coming months, from Brazil to Canada and from Croatia to Ibiza.

In this well-rounded EP, Eli & Fur showcase their songwriting and production ability, from the melancholic and ethereal ‘Where I Find My Mind’ to the upbeat and mysterious title track ‘Follow The Dark’.
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