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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

The Many Faces of Music

Music is one of the few forms of entertainment that have remained a significant part of people’s daily lives for thousands of years, and in recent times has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Production of music encompasses recording, publishing and distribution, live performances, and online streaming and downloads.

Many different genres of music have evolved, with artists and audiences influenced by both local culture and global trends. From the snappy pop of the modern era to the complex classical compositions of the past, there are no limits to the creativity and scope of this art form.

A musical is a stage, television or film production that utilizes popular-style songs — with dialogue optional — to tell a story (book musicals) or showcase the talents of the composers and performers (revues). It might be most accurate to say that any sounds can be music as long as listeners consider them so, from the polyrhythmic grooves of a washing machine to the grating whine of an airplane propeller sampled and manipulated by George Antheil in Ballet Mecanique to supermarket noise and exploding bombs in the contemporary works of electronic musician Matthew Herbert.

A melody consists of a series of pitches sounding in succession, usually in a rising and falling pattern. Melodies use pitch systems such as scales and modes, which are often based on the tonic note or key of the song.

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