@Ezequiel Arias lighting up Jardín Botánico, Córdoba 🇦🇷 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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In celebration of his recent EP on Anjunadeep ‘Dreamlike’, Argentian producer Ezequiel Arias has filmed a special DJ set from Jardín Botánico in Argentina.


Produced by On Air Music

-Artist: Ezequiel Arias
-Camera Director: Santiago Hidalgo
-Edition: Santiago Hidalgo
-Location: Jardin Botanico (Cordoba, Argentina)
-Drone Pilot: Chako FPV
-Logistics & MGMT: Ezequiel Tomas Ibáñez
-Audio Recording: Felipe Busciglio
-Backstage & Graphic Design: Facundo Dente
-Artistic: Memoria Antigua (Noé Colombo Cuenca, Franco Colombo Cuenca)
-Promotion & Comunication: On Air Music & Anjunadeep

Special Thanks to:
Pancho Marchiaro of Cordoba Culture and Genaro of ‘Jardín Botánico’
Matias Roque & Emi Aguero for the cameras.
Estamos Felices, Martin, Gia & Luisvi for the support.

The artistic performance was recorded on live.
Recording date – April 27th, 2022.


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