Golden moments from our GOLDEN anniversary! | CMA Fest 50th Anniversary Recap


About CMA:
Founded in 1958, the Country Music Association (CMA) is the premier trade association of the Country Music industry. Representing professionals making a living in Country Music globally, the organization serves as a critical resource of support and information, honors excellence in the genre and provides a forum for industry leadership. CMA is dedicated to expanding Country Music around the world through a number of core programs and initiatives including the organization’s three annual television properties—the CMA Awards, “CMA Fest” and “CMA Country Christmas,” all of which air on ABC. The organization’s philanthropic arm, the CMA Foundation, works tirelessly to provide equitable access to music education in order to create impactful change for students and teachers across the United States.

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The Importance of Music

Music is a form of entertainment that has accompanied human beings throughout history and continues to be a central part of our cultural heritage. It is also a multi-billion dollar industry, encompassing production, recording, publishing, live concerts, sales and streaming. It is one of the few forms of art that have remained as an important social and emotional activity even after the development of language. Its role in bonding people and causing emotions is evident in the way a mother plays with her child or ancient men sang and danced before hunting and battle, and it continues to be demonstrated in the bond created between patients during musical therapy sessions led by British neurologist Oliver Sacks.

Music produces a unique combination of sensations and emotions that can make us happy, sad or angry. This is what makes it so interesting to neuroscience, musicology and psychology researchers. It has been found that the rhythm of the beats in a song can affect our perception of time. Joggers who listen to a favorite song while running, for example, will naturally slow down or speed up their pace as it matches the beat of the music. Scientists have also discovered that certain genres of music motivate us to work harder without realizing it. They help improve endurance, productivity, strength and power.

In ancient times, Plato and Aristotle viewed music as a shadow of the perfect and a tool for shaping character. The Stoics and Epicureans took a more naturalistic view of it, treating it as an instrument for pleasure and arousal.

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