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Germany-based producer Gorje Hewek unveils his latest EP, entitled ‘Celestial’, on Anjunadeep on July 25. This EP marks his first release on the Anjunadeep since 2019, when his and Izhevski’s laid-back rework of Belgian Eurovision entry ‘City Lights’ by Blanche eased onto the label, and began to make a splash at DSPs. To date, the remix has racked up 2M streams and is one of Gorje Hewek’s most popular tracks to date.

This new ‘Celestial EP’ once again showcases his beloved swelling, yet intricate musicality, and sees him collaborate with fellow organic house producers Volen Sentir, Dulus and Moya. With warm piano notes, delicate string leads and driving percussion, the ‘Celestial EP’ creates an organic and calming ambience, perfect for easy summer listening.

Gorje has previously released on labels such as All Day I Dream and Watergate Records, and leads Shanti Radio, a label that has released music from artists including Planet Funk, Makebo, Tim Green, and M.O.S. A celebrated DJ as well, Gorje Hewek has received support from the likes of Eelke Kleijn, Marcus Schulz, Lane 8, Sébastien Léger and Jonas Rathsman.

Having recently completed a tour of Mexico, as well as recently playing a multitude of shows around the world, including Anjunadeep’s Explorations festival, Gorje Hewek is now poised to embark on a US, Australia and South America tour across the latter half of 2023.

Release date: 25th July 2023

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