Group Therapy 462 with Above & Beyond and NERO

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:31 Trance Wax – Malu [Grum Remix] (Anjunabeats)
00:04:36 Genix & Zashanell – All I Want [My Friend Remix] (Anjunabeats)
00:09:43 Fatum – Shapeshifter (Anjunabeats)
00:13:59 RECORD OF THE WEEK: Franky Wah – Ocean Blue (Anjunadeep)
00:18:57 Matt Fax – Shelter (Anjunabeats)
00:23:57 William Orbit – Starbeam (Anjunadeep)
00:28:18 gardenstate – 1995 [Simon Doty’s I Made Trance Mix] (Anjunabeats)
00:34:06 Myon feat. Nikol Apatini – Ghost Town [Gango Remix] (RIDE)
00:38:14 Tinlicker feat. Jamie Irrepressible – You Take My Hand (Anjunadeep)
00:44:39 Alex Sonata & TheRio – 7334 (Anjunabeats)
00:49:25 Qrion – Jones St. (Anjunadeep)
00:54:12 Super8 & Tab feat. Alyna – Perfect Day [Jaytech Remix] (Anjunabeats)
00:58:12 Lane 8 feat. Arctic Lake – What Have You Done To Me (This Never Happened)
01:02:28 PUSH THE BUTTON: gardenstate & KhoMha – She Was Looking Into The Sun (Anjunabeats)
01:06:23 Coast 2 Coast – Home [Eelke Kleijn Remix] (Armada)
01:11:51 Rolo Green – Into The Black (Black Hole)
01:15:56 Jaytech – Ukiyo (Anjunabeats)
01:20:56 Alan Fitzpatrick – Something Wonderful (Anjunadeep)
01:24:19 FLASHBACK: Above & Beyond – World On Fire (Anjunabeats)
01:30:24 GUEST MIX: NERO: Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray – No Rival [NERO Remix] (Anjunadeep)
01:34:03 GUEST MIX: NERO: RL Grime, ISOxo – Stinger (Sable Valley)
01:34:55 GUEST MIX: NERO: White Stripes – Icky Thump [NERO Edit] (White)
01:37:50 GUEST MIX: NERO: Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax [Nero Edit] (White)
01:39:55 GUEST MIX: NERO: Gaspard Auge – Force Majeure (Genesis)
01:41:40 GUEST MIX: NERO: Boys Noize feat. Jake Shears – All I Want [Boys Noize NRG Remix] (Defected)
01:42:13 GUEST MIX: NERO: Gesaffelstein – Dance X (Columbia)
01:43:04 GUEST MIX: NERO: Royal Blood – Limbo [Sebastian Remix] (Warner)
01:45:42 GUEST MIX: NERO: Sub Focus – Timewarp [Dimension Remix] (R.A.M)
01:47:10 GUEST MIX: NERO: M Beat feat. General Levi – Incredible (Renk)
01:47:32 GUEST MIX: NERO: Dimension – Whip Slap (I & II) (MTA)
01:48:51 GUEST MIX: NERO: Candid Oak – The Path Forward (Night Owl Collective)
01:51:04 GUEST MIX: NERO: Phazz – About Her (Nowadays)
01:52:22 GUEST MIX: NERO: Apashe, High Klassified feat. Cherry Lena – I’m Fine [IMANU Remix] (Kannibalen)
01:54:19 GUEST MIX: NERO: Candid Oak – Grasp (Night Owl Collective)
01:55:43 GUEST MIX: NERO: Virtual Riot – Rewrite (Disciple)
01:57:16 GUEST MIX: NERO: Nuages – Lost (Moments)

How Finding Each Interval to Break Down Melodies Can Improve Your Songwriting

A melody is a string of notes that sound well together. That’s not Webster’s definition but it gets right to the point. Figuring out how to make great ones is all about practice and time to figure out each interval.

How to Write Songs That Will Make You Lots of Money

Would you want a horribly written song given to you? I didn’t think so, so why would you think someone else would? This article covers what music people really want which results in revenue.

How to Start Making Plenty of Money With Your Music in Six Months

Making money with your music doesn’t always include record sales. Songwriting can be the most lucrative if done correctly and time is given to the art itself. In this article, we’ll cover why it’s such a money making aspect of anyone dealing with music.

Neatly and Effectively Organizing a Music Press Kit

Putting together your music press kit is pretty easy as long as you have the needed materials. In this article, we’ll review your needed materials and how to put them together neatly.

Fun in the City – The Best Live Music Venues in NYC

If you love music, then New York City is the place to be. Whatever your preference of genre of music, whether you’re into billboard charting musicians or eccentric indie bands, you will find a live music show somewhere in the city that will appeal to you on a nightly basis.

Indie Music Promotion In a Nutshell

So you are new out there in the market, you want to get your music become more exposed to a wider network of people but you think you’re waaay far off from the big names in the billboard charts. Of course no musician started out easy, especially if he has to do a lot of indie music promotion on his own. However, you know that you have to do it so you can call the people’s attention to the kind of music that you want to make famous/ introduce. So with relatively low budget and a limited network, you have to work your way in.

Make Music at Home – Use it to Promote Your Business Or Other People’s Businesses

Easily produce music at home using your computer. Even if you are not a musician! Just for fun, or as a commercial activity.

Publishing – The Real Money in Music

Have you ever wondered how is it that an artist could not sell a lot of records and yet still have a jaguar in their driveway? Expensive car and a house to match. Must be the life. Today, I’ll tell you their secret.

How Your Mentality Can Correct Your Mistakes in Music

If you have ever looked at one of those pictures where you have to figure out what the real picture is, you already know how one’s mind can alter a simple task. Mind training can go a long way with any endeavor you’ll ever face. The key would be to break anything down as simple as possible, then put the pieces back together.

The Perfect Music Press Kit Part Two – Photos That Count

One of the toughest things to do, as far as getting signed goes, is to earn the chance to present your stuff to an A&R. Once you finally get that chance, the last thing you’d want to do is blow it by not having the best of the best materials you have to offer presented to him or her. When opportunities knock, they won’t repeatedly ring the doorbell.

The Perfect Music Press Kit Part Three – A Music Biography That Tells it All

What should you include in a music biography? How long should it be? These questions and more will be answered in this article dedicated solely to music biographies.

The Perfect Music Press Kit Part One – Preparing the Perfect Demo

This article will guide you through the process of making the perfect demo for your music press kit. The A&R recipient will be very pleased.

Promoting Music in the Internet

Today, at the age where music is very relative and the appreciation thereof can be as diverse and meticulous at the same time, promoting music is a hard task especially for an indie artist. See, when you’re indie, you only have a limited resource base (from communication to network to financial) but you know that you’d have to exhaust as much resources as you can to get your music across the airwaves.

How the Electric Guitar Revolutionized the Music Industry

When you first listen to a song, with the exception of the lyrics, the first sound that you’re going to recognize is the sound of the guitar. No guitar has changed music, quiet like the electric guitar. Before the electric guitar, there was America’s beloved acoustic guitar.

Significance of Music Licensing Companies in Promoting Your Composition

Whenever we listen to a song in a movie, we get the name of the composers and the lyricists frequently as soon as the product gains popularity. But have you ever thought about someone who has immense talent but lack of exposure is spoiling his or her musical career.

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