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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

What Does Music Mean to You?

The music we listen to has the power to affect us emotionally. Whether it’s an orchestral composition or a simple folk song, it can inspire feelings ranging from empathy to anger. It’s a powerful medium for human expression, which makes it an important part of culture and society.

The production of music is a complex process. It starts with composing and arranging, then designing sounds and adjusting their timbre (or how they sound). The final stage is mixing. This is where the different tracks of a song are combined to make it cohesive, which includes adjusting levels and applying effects.

While the origins of music are hard to pin down, some of its most fundamental characteristics can be traced back through history. It’s widely believed that the human body, capable of producing both vocal and percussive sounds, may have been the first instrument. Then, there are many ancient instruments — including flutes made out of bone and hollow logs — that have been found in archaeological sites around the world.

Ethnomusicologists generally take a stance of aesthetic relativism when describing music, as there is no objective way to determine what constitutes a musical style. This is especially true as genres become more blending and hybridized, like Jazz-Rock, Classical-Rock or New Flamenco.

Great musicians have much to say about their craft, and a few of them have managed to articulate what music means to them in their own words. Click on the links below to read what Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Police and Guns n’ Roses have to say about their music.

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