James iD – Need You

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Anjunadeep Explorations returns for its 22nd instalment, out June 2. The compilation series, a showcase of fresh talent from the global electronic music scene, has previously paved the way for many much-loved Anjunadeep mainstays over the years including Marsh, Simon Doty, and Luttrell and CRi.

The first track ‘Gemini’s’ is provided by South African artists Karyendasoul & Da Capo. Both are well-established producers in their own right; Kayrendasoul has collaborated with Black Coffee, and Da Capo earned double-platinum status in South Africa for his first album ‘Indigo Child’. The elegant and steady tension of ‘Gemini’s’ has seen the track already championed by label boss James Grant in sets and mixes, making it an impactful way to start this new compilation EP.

Artche is a DJ and producer hailing from Newcastle, whose debut collaboration with Christoph was released on Eric Prydz’s label Pryda Presents, and who recently featured on Anjunadeep star Simon Doty’s album ‘Universal Language’. His offering to Anjunadeep Explorations 22, ‘Bleed’, is a moody breakbeat track showcasing the kinds of atmospheric production prowess that’s seen him earn support from the likes of Pete Tong, Annie Mac and John Digweed.

Jats (ofc) and Kaive, a French duo formally known as ‘The Dualz’, have previously delighted on Anjunadeep with tracks including ‘Your Eyes’ and ‘Inside Me’. Under their fresh alias, the pair deliver a driving and emotive melodic house anthem ‘Hypnotize’.

‘Need You’, the penultimate track on the compilation is provided by Scottish producer and alumnus of Stress Records, James iD. His new offering is a masterclass in breakbeat production and showcases why he has been supported by the likes of Eelke Kleijn and Jody Wisternoff.

Finally, Chinese producer IPeiqi rounds off the release with ‘Redemption’; an emotive deep house cut with a rich chord progression, and a smooth final note on which to close out this Explorations EP.

Release Date: 2nd June 2023

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