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Exceptionally talented keyboardist, DJ and producer Moon Boots (Peter Dougherty) has revealed his third studio album ‘Ride Away’. The ten-track LP will land on March 17th on Anjunadeep. The first single, ‘Hot Minute’ featuring Black Gatsby, is out today.

Written and produced over a nearly two-year period beginning in early 2021, ‘Ride Away’ contains themes of love, companionship, and personal exploration. Hauling in a crate’s worth of musical influences, Moon Boots has imbued ‘Ride Away’ with his characteristic blend of soul, disco, and house music, whilst also introducing the sounds of synthpop, breakbeats, and psychedelica. Marrying these eclectic styles is part and parcel of Moon Boots’ idiosyncratic sensibility, honed through years of living and DJing in Chicago, the birthplace of house music, and in the musical melting pot of Brooklyn.

Release date: 17/03/23

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

Facts About Music and Production


Music is a complex art, and producers need to be able to work with musicians and engineers while being analytical enough to get the best result. They also need to be able to stay organised so they can get everything done on time and in the right way.

Facts about Music

Music is an art that stretches throughout history and in many ways echoes the nature of our universe. It has been credited with the power to reflect and influence human emotion, and its potential for expression has been exploited in popular culture.

Theorists have sought to explain why and how music affects humans in the manner that it does, and a diverse array of theories has evolved to account for its appeal and elicit its effects. Among these, humanist psychologists (such as Gordon Allport and Abraham Maslow), aesthetic existentialists (such as Jean-Paul Sartre), and expressionists (such as the composers Schoenberg and Ernst Krenek) have contributed varying amounts of theory in their search for an organic unity of musical meaning.

Although there are significant affinities between disparate theoretical works, some efforts to account for music have been more controversial than others; an example of this is the effort by 19th-century English psychologist Edmund Gurney to combine formalist, symbolist, and expressionist elements in a single explanation. This approach has since influenced some 20th-century theorists, most notably Susanne Langer, who argued for a holistic view of musical meaning.

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