Jody & James on Anjunadeep 13: Part 7 – Unlucky Number 13 ☘️🎲 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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Showcasing the future sound of Anjunadeep, prolific Bristolian DJ Jody Wisternoff and label co-founder and A&R James Grant share their ninth mixed compilation together – ‘Anjunadeep 13 Mixed by Jody Wisternoff & James Grant’.

Anjunadeep, is the renowned UK label responsible for breaking acts like Lane 8, Dusky, Yotto, Ben Böhmer and Eli & Fur. Ever since the inaugural ‘Anjunadeep 01’ in 2009, the compilation series has been a launchpad for the next generation of electronic artists.

Anjunadeep 13 sets the label’s agenda for 2022 with new and exclusive tracks across two meticulously-crafted mixes. There’s label favourites Tinlicker, Lane 8 and Ben Böhmer alongside rising stars such as Icarus, Bantwanas and São Miguel . This year, Jody and James are also pleased to introduce Nicky Elisabeth, Steven Weston and Mona Vale, who all make their label debut on Anjunadeep 13.

To celebrate the release of this year’s compilation, Jody and James have filmed a special live performance of Anjunadeep 13 at Lake Skadar in Montenegro. Filmed across two 80-minute sessions, one at sunrise and one at sunset.

“Jody and I have been spoilt for choice compiling Anjunadeep 13. Our growing label family has been on fire lately, with more amazing music than ever in the release schedule and a tantalising wave of new talent coming through. We’re delighted to have them all on board, and to showcase their music in the mix.” – James Grant

Release date: 25th March 2022

Production – Dream Beach Media
Director – Alex Boulton
Producer – Josh Stockdale
Camera Operators – Alex Boulton & Tom Forsey
Drone Pilot – Stefan Lakovic
FPV Pilot – Alex Boulton
Production Assistant – Max Morrison
Production Assistant – Bianca Polizzi
Sound Technician – George Pinnegar
BTS Video – Tom Forsey
BTS Photography – Djordje Zivaljevic
Fixer Company – Film Fixers Balkans
Lead Fixer – Vasil Markov
Fixer – Igor Mitric
Head of Catering – Elliot Napier
AV Company – RecAudio

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