John Monkman heating up Noisily Festival 💥 #Anjunadeep #Shorts

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#Anjunadeep #Shorts

The Art of Music

Music accomplishes many things. It has practical utility that can be applied to a variety of endeavors, it communicates information and emotions, it plays a substantial role in culture, it provides entertainment and it helps us get in touch with beauty. And sometimes it just is music for its own sake.

The production of music is one of the oldest art forms. Musical instruments can be traced back as far as 42,000-43,000 years. They can be used for entertainment, communication and even as a tool for survival. Some sounds communicate obvious messages like the ringing of your cell phone (someone is calling you) or the tones of an ambulance (something needs attention). Other musical instruments can convey emotional and intellectual content such as the melodies of the flute, violin or guitar.

Many philosophical ideas of music come from the ancient Greeks including Plato who saw a symbolic significance to musical art. His concept of music as a shadow of the ideal was continued by his pupil Aristotle who believed that music could contain a measure of truth in itself. This idea of music as a symbol was continued by other philosophers such as the German astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) who developed the concept of the harmony of the spheres, trying to link musical rhythms to planetary movement.

Today, music is played and enjoyed all over the world. Some examples include acoustic rock bands such as the Cure or Nina Kraviz and dance music that features artists like Bicep or Travis Scott. Large multigenre festivals also feature these bands as well as many others from all over the globe.

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