Jon Gurd & Reset Robot – Lucid

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Jon Gurd and Reset Robot release their new EP ‘Ashen’ on Anjunadeep.

A respected selector and producer, Jon released his debut album ‘Lion’ on Anjunadeep and followed with ‘Phoenix’ in 2022, which showcased his impeccable production style, and gained him praise from tastemakers including Joris Voorn, Lane 8, Eelke Kleijn and Ida Engberg. In this EP, Jon collaborates with Portsmouth based DJ and producer Dave Robertson, aka Reset Robot, who has released on Get Physical, Soma, and Adam Beyer’s Drumcode in the past and gained support from Amelie Lens, Solomun and Tale Of Us.

Title track ‘Ashen’ was recently featured on the label’s flagship #1 dance album ‘Anjunadeep 14’, and debuted during James Grant & Jody Wisternoff’s DJ Set from Malta which has amassed over 500k views and supported on SiriusXM Chill.

‘Ashen EP’ is out on Anjunadeep on July 11th.

Release date: 11th July 2023

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Philosophy of Music

Music is a special shared relationship between a person, their behavior and a sounding object (an instrument, voice or other sounding medium). Music is about the experience of sound. It is an experiential activity that involves perception and imagination. Music is a way of conveying emotion, ideas and meaning. It is often used for entertainment, education and communication. Music also plays a substantial role in culture.

Musical production is a complex, creative and rewarding endeavor. It takes a lot of skill to be a successful musician and the art of making music is a learned skill that requires practice. Creating music is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying activities that people can engage in, whether they do it as a career or for pleasure. Creating music can be done alone or with others, on instruments or computers and can take many forms including songwriting, singing, recording, editing, producing, arranging and composing.

Some of the most common things we do with music are play it, dance to it and enjoy its beauty. We can also use music for transmission and communication, like the sound of a telephone ringing (someone is calling you), or the tones of a bugle or alarm bell signaling danger or urgency. Some animals can also use music to communicate. Songbirds sing to defend their territory or attract a mate.

The philosophers whose views are summarized in this article were not necessarily speaking as philosophers of music, but rather of other things that could be symbolized by music, like a dance or religious ritual or festive rite; or as a tool for describing or explaining a physical phenomenon or natural event, such as the motion of heavenly bodies.

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