Joseph Ray | Anjunadeep Open Air: Los Angeles at #ABGT500 (Official 4K Set)

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Celebrated producer Joseph Ray’s brilliant set at Anjunadeep Open Air Los Angeles on day two of our Group Therapy 500 celebrations.

Recorded in Los Angeles on October 16, 2022.
A Nomobo and Anjunadeep production
Additional video by Nightmode

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#Anjunadeep #ElectronicMusic #ABGT500

Facts About Music Production

Music is a sound that permeates every human society. It is a complex phenomenon. For many centuries it has been an important part of people’s lives. Today it is an integral part of the business industry. It has even been used in advertising and psychotherapy.

There is a great variety of styles. Different composers have used different techniques. This is the basis of much of the controversies surrounding music theory.

Most theorists agree that music is an auditory phenomenon. They also agree that it is based on the rhythm of heavenly bodies. Rhythm is an important element of composition.

Music is sometimes referred to as the language of emotions. It is often composed for emotional expression. However, it is usually composed for harmony. The elements of music are tone, rhythm, texture, and timbre.

Aristotle believed that music could alter the character of a person. He advocated a rich musical diet, and saw music as an art form that could be interpreted as a universal language. Moreover, he gave great importance to the quality of the melody.

The Greeks attempted to connect sound with motion. Pythagoras laid the foundations of acoustics. Although they didn’t progress to the calculation of pitch on the basis of vibrations, they inherited the idea of harmony of the spheres.

Stoics placed music in service of virtue. Epicureans accepted music as an adjunct to a good life. Likewise, Confucius saw music and government as mirrors of one another.

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