Joseph Ray – Blue Nights

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GRAMMY-winning producer and one third of electronic trio NERO, Joseph Ray, announces his new single ‘Blue Nights’.

With an evolving lead and a rolling bassline on ‘Blue Nights’, Joseph Ray showcases his expansive production style that has earned him support from DJ Koze, Solomun, Pete Tong, Hunee and more. Joseph first debuted the track at Anjunadeep Open Air Los Angeles (ABGT500) to a sold-out crowd of over 12,000 fans, where it received a great reception.

The artwork for the single borrows from the iconic ‘90s UK nightlife photography of Dave Swindells and hints at the influence behind Joseph Ray’s latest release: the pulsating energy of UK house and jungle music.

“I remember seeing Dave’s Ibiza ’89 book a while back and loving the imagery. Anjuna had been in touch with him more recently, and it was great to find out he’d be open to providing some of his photography as artwork for the EP. The images of people lost in the music, vintage and euphoric seemed to fit the music perfectly.” – Joseph Ray

Ray’s latest single follows the release of ‘Cos of You’ and ‘Give Me A Reason’, which have amassed over 300,000 streams and plays on KissFM, KCRW and Slam!FM. This is in addition to Joseph’s 2021 collaborative album ‘Leave the Bones’, written and recorded with Haitian band Lakou Mizik. The album has been celebrated by the likes of NPR, Pitchfork, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Worldwide FM, Billboard and The Times and showcased just how versatile Joseph is to an international audience.
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Important Facts About Music

Music accomplishes many things: it provides entertainment, it is a form of communication and expression, it has practical utility, it brings people together, it has value in its own right, and it can have spiritual and psychological importance. But perhaps the most important fact about Music is that it is universally loved and enjoyed.


The ability to create music is one of the most rewarding and difficult skills in the world. Whether it’s writing lyrics or crafting the perfect bass line, musicians have a gift that can’t be matched by anyone else. Even the greatest artists struggle with getting their creations to come to life, and that’s why producers are so important. They know how to get the most out of every musician, and they can help guide them through the process of making the best music possible.

Musical facts

Dynamics: The intensity of a piece of music, the loudness or softness of the sound and the gradual increase or decrease in volume (crescendo, decrescendo). Articulation: The way in which notes are played or sung, whether they are short and sharp, smooth or stressed, emphasized with sudden emphasis (marcato) or slurred.


It may seem silly, but music producers listen to their own music a lot. It’s a way to get feedback on their work, and it helps them identify what they are doing well and what they can improve for the next song. Plus, it’s pretty cool to hear what you have made!

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