Joseph Ray & Elliot Vast – A Power Over Me

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Joseph Ray, a GRAMMY-winning producer and member of the electronic trio NERO, has unveiled his latest EP titled ‘A Power Over Me’ following the successful release of singles including ‘Blue Nights’, ‘Cos Of You’, and ‘Give Me A Reason’.

The EP features new single ‘A Power Over Me’, featuring Elliot Vass’s thought-provoking vocals complemented by delicate piano melodies and groove-filled percussion. Joseph’s expansive production style, which has garnered support from esteemed artists including DJ Kobe, Solomun, Pete Tong, Huneee, and more, is prominently displayed throughout the five-track EP.

The artwork for the EP borrows from the iconic ‘90s UK nightlife photography of Dave Swindells, serving as a nod to the pulsating energy of UK house and jungle music that has influenced Joseph Ray’s latest EP.

“I remember seeing Dave’s Ibiza ’89 book a while back and loving the imagery. Anjuna had been in touch with him more recently, and it was great to find out he’d be open to providing some of his photography as artwork for the EP. The images of people lost in the music, vintage and euphoric seemed to fit the music perfectly.” – Joseph Ray

The EP’s singles, including ‘Blue Nights’, ‘Cos Of You’, and ‘Give Me A Reason’, have amassed over 400,000 streams and plays on KissFM, KCRW and Slam!FM. This is in addition to Joseph’s 2021 collaborative album ‘Leave the Bones’, written and recorded with Haitian band Lakou Mizik. The album has been celebrated by the likes of NPR, Pitchfork, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Worldwide FM, Billboard and The Times and showcased just how versatile Joseph is to an international audience.
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