Kaskade – EDC Las Vegas 2021 Live Set (10/24/21)

Elvis Presley – “The King” – His Interviews

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi during the Depression to a low – income family. The family was very active in their Church which exposed Elvis to Gospel and exuberant vocals at a very early age. In his early teen years they moved to Memphis where he attended school until he graduated high school. It was at this time that he chose to become a truck driver and, seemingly, was quite content with his lot.

Get Your CD Manufacturing Project Off to a Good Start

Through experience we have found that CD manufacturing orders which ‘start well’ most commonly ‘finish well’. Three of the most common problems that get projects started on the wrong foot are:

Making Money With an Idle Tour Van (Futon Flipping 101)

Ok, here’s a way to raise extra cash (fund a record?) and make the most of your “band assets”. In most cases, “band assets” include a beat up tour van and some amount of collective spare time.

How to Increase Your Fan Base Using the Internet

Chances are if you’re in a band then you will be looking to increase your fan base. How do you do this? Well, you can take several different routes but the most obvious one is to use the Internet. Using the internet to increase your fan base immediately puts you into competition with millions of other bands out there, so if you’re going to do this then you need to do it right!

The Future of Independent Record Labels

A lot has been written about the record labels, independent record labels over the course of the last few months and years. If you are like me and are interested in this as it pertains to your income or your passion and you are reading and talking to the majority of people out there. You would think that the outcome is not good.

Bend-Over Entertainment

They are WRONG. You know it and I know it. But… do they know?

The Piano Bench – Overview of Popular Bench Models

Buying a piano bench doesn’t have to be hard. Find out what the most popular bench models are and which bench will suit your needs. This informative article covers the three most popular models of piano benches and points out the individual features.

How to Sell Beats Like the Pros

Big name producers as well as unknown producers are selling beats and making money. This article covers three traits that music producer’s beats need to have in order to sell consistently.

Hiring a Music Composer – Seven Essential Qualities to Consider

If you need original music for your next project or concert you will first have to select a quality composer. Here are a few pointers to help you find one.

Grand Piano Bench – Facts About How and Where to Purchase

Purchasing a grand piano bench can be easy if the consumer follows some simple rules and is informed about certain facts and realities. This article will be of great value to you if you are considering buying a bench in the near future.

Independent Music Distribution, Killer New Strategies to Distribute Your Music

Would you like to discover new ways for independent music distribution? Keep reading this article to learn just that.

Showcase Your Music With – 11 Easy Steps!

Technology has made it possible for anyone to show off their talents in a variety of ways. If you’re serious about your art, read this article that lists a variety of ways to showcase your music!

Making a (Music) “Scene”

Creating a vibrant music scene is a beautiful thing. It can even mean being a part of a cultural revolution. This can happen on a global level, but most are much more local, perhaps right in your own neighborhood. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can make this happen in your own back yard!

Everybody Hates Taking Band Photos

You know it’s true. Your drummer grumbles every time you make him dress up for the camera. BUT the fact remains… A good photo can be critical to a good review which is critical to a good career.

Putting the FUN Back in Funding Your Next Record

Here are some new ways of getting your next record funded. These new websites allow you to raise capital for creative endeavors. This article explains some tips on how to use these sites successfully.

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