Khen – Jasmine

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Renowned globally touring DJ and producer Khen returns to Anjunadeep with his double cut ‘Yellow / Jasmine’, following his 2018 debut ‘Closing Doors / Burgundy’ and recent Deep House remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘Every Little Beat’ on sister label Anjunabeats. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Khen has emerged from the dance music hot bed in Israel and onto the international stage, alongside the likes of Guy J, Guy Gerber and Sasha. Khen’s deep and organic production’s have seen him release on Lost & Found, Bedrock Records, Vivrant and more.

Showcasing his masterful command of blending dreamlike synths with punchy percussion, ‘Yellow / Jasmine’ solidifies Khen as a force within the progressive and organic house scene, demonstrated by his recent support from tastemakers including John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo and Roy Rosenfeld.

Release Date: 9th September 2022

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Facts About Music Festivals

Music is the art of combining sounds, usually for beauty of form, emotional expression, and harmony. Music can range from a simple folk song to a complex electronic composition. The auditory and conceptual elements of music make it an essential part of culture. Throughout history, it has shaped every sphere of human activity, from ritual to advertising.

There are more than eight hundred music festivals across the United States. Some focus on one genre, while others offer a wide variety of music. The largest music festival in the United States, Summerfest, runs for 11 days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and attracts upwards of 800,000-1 million spectators annually. It features more than 1,000 acts and more than 800 concerts.

The earliest Western philosophers considered music as a branch of ethics. They saw music as a mirror of the ideal and looked at musical performance as a symbolic expression of the ideal. Plato held that music should be simple and straightforward to be understandable by the audience. Similarly, philosophers Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel extolled the virtues of philosophy and said that art must yield to philosophy. The classical Greeks, meanwhile, held that music imitates the movements of the heavenly bodies and reflects the moral order of the universe.

While many modern music critics have rejected the idea of deep meaning, some remain committed to the idea of profound meaning. Despite the negative impact of the coronavirus, the music industry is still fighting back and is finding new ways to monetize the consumption of music. For instance, Fortnite’s Fortnite Live concert on the popular video game Fortnite, watched by 30 million people live, was the most popular streamed rap concert ever.

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