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Simple Reasons To Get A Music Licence

Music can bring a working environment to life, encourage you to dance or be the perfect background noise for a cocktail party or working out in the gym. As for connecting with others, music can attract consumers to a store, be utilized in advertising to connect a brand or product with your contented memories, or just give you a rationalization to sing along with mates. However, you may not be aware that to use music in your business you need a licence.

10 Reasons Why Cliff Richard Is Still Popular Today

After more than 50 years in show business, Sir Cliff Richard is still popular today. His calendar is the bestseller in the UK for 2011 and he can still fill arenas the world over. What is his secret? How has he managed to remain fit and relevant in the music world? Read on to find out and who knows, maybe we can learn from his success.

Viral Marketing Superstar Justin Bieber – The Real Life Harry Potter

In order to sell hundreds of thousands of records he now just needs to send out a tweet to his 7 million followers on Twitter or post on his Facebook page, where he is getting close to 17 millions of fans, and inform about new releases. But he also uses social networks to inform his fans and followers on things that happen in his life, when a candidate on a later cancelled live show in Germany had an accident and was injured, he informed his fans that he wouldn’t perform on the show that night and asked them to pray for the suffering man. Things like that strengthen the bond between star and fan.

How to Get MySpace Views For Bands Looking to Make It Big

Although the popularity of MySpace for average users is waning, it is still the top place for most people to check out new bands. Record executives often judge the popularity of musicians by evaluating the number of views, plays, and friends they have on MySpace. To get the best results out of your online music marketing efforts, it is important to gain traffic on this popular online service. Read this article to learn how to master MySpace Music and become an established artist in the industry.

Deposits: 5 Important Facts About Taking Deposits for Your Gigs

Here are 5 important facts you need to know about deposits, how they work and some legal requirements to keep you financially secure. Learn how to create a deposit clause, what to do with your deposit check, when to spend the deposit money, what happens after the date is played and how cancellations impact your deposits.

Contracts – Why You Need to Use Them

Issuing a contract for each performance date booked is not only necessary – it’s good business. A contract is a historic representation of your booking agreement. Set into a written document, you and the person who booked your date, may each refer to the details should any question arise.

Deposits: A Downpayment on Your Gig

Getting a deposit on the guaranteed fee for every performance date booked is standard in the entertainment industry. If you are making $500 or more at a gig, then you should be asking for a deposit.

Forgotten Men of Music

The world of music is littered with people who have made a great contribution but have died almost unknown. My articles will try to identify such unsung heroes.

Publicists: 5 Expectations to Form a Good Working Relationship

A publicist serves as a conduit or a liaison to the various media outlets. When hiring a publicist, you should create realistic expectations about what the publicist can do to help raise the media’s awareness of your act. Here are five realistic expectations to help you establish a more effective relationship with a publicist.

The Digital Music Production That Gives Your Money’s Worth

The digital music product dub turbo has step its game up a notch with its latest updated software. Starting with sound and quality input and output, This Software give you a bang for your buck all from the key board of your laptop.

Rapping Beats – The SECRETS To Choosing HITS!

Are you a rapper, singer, emcee or poet? Become a successful urban music artist. Learn the secrets of choosing rap beats and instrumentals, r&b beats and pop beat that will increase your chances of making HIT MUSIC!

Write Your Own Song

To be able to write your own songs a lot of things have to be put into consideration. How strong is your writing power? Do you know how to play with words?

Hiring An In-House Publicist

Hiring a professional publicist may not be in your plans yet. Perhaps you have determined that you are either not ready financially to hire a publicist or need to work a bit more on your materials, you might consider an alternative. It is still necessary to be in contact with the media and develop more media attention.

Music Marketing Plan – How to Market Your Band

With so much new media technology available to help bands get the word out about their latest songs, it has never been easier to market music. No longer do musicians have to take on massive loans from corporations in order to get their songs to the masses. Treat your band like a small business and market it to millions online! This article delivers viable tips for music marketing in the Information Age.

So You Want To Be A Professional Singer

Learn how to become a professional singer. Then read this article.

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