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5 Things to Remember When Doing a Phoner

For those of you who may be asking yourself, “What the heck is phoner?” it’s a term often used in radio to refer to an interview between the DJ and an artist who calls into the station for the interview, as opposed to an in-studio interview. There are certain things an artist can do in a phoner to maximize the opportunity of the interview to make it flow better despite the absence of a face-to-face interaction with the DJ. Many of these tips are also useful for job seekers who have to go through phone interviews prior to an on-site job interview, so listen up!

The Making of a Superstar

Ever wonder how mega music superstars become such icons? The ideals that embody a “superstar-in-the-making” of course include talent, the right team players, and financial backing, but there is more to the success of an act than just those fundamental elements. It also includes elements that make an act a household name, which as a whole is known as branding.

5 Cheap Music Marketing Methods for Creative Musicians

No matter how gifted you are or how equipped to rock a venue with your performances, without proper promotion, you and your music will go nowhere. Harsh as it may sound, that’s the sad reality. But do you know that even without unloading a hefty amount from your wallet you will still be able to promote yourself as a musician quite effectively?

Learn How to Get Fans for Your Music With 3 Easy Tactics

Most musicians have realized by now that having your own website is an important first step when it comes to learning how to get fans for your music. But it can be very frustrating if you spend a lot of time working on the site but still you don’t get enough hits to increase your fan base on a consistent level. There are a lot of different ways to get hits to a music blog, but the three suggestions below are tried and tested over the years and will bring you traffic forever once you set them up.

How to Make a Music Video for Total Newbies and Dummies

Before clicking the big red button on your camcorder and adjusting its lens, here are some tips for you to come up with a riveting and done-like-a-pro music video that will help you promote your music: Have the basic gadgets you’ll need to capture your musical moves. Of course, it’s common sense that you’ll need a camcorder but you should also try and get hold of a tripod, lighting equipment and props. Squeeze those creative juices out of your head After having determined the song you will make the video about, it’s time for…

Podcasting Secrets for Musicians – The 5 Minute Set Up Guide!

Music marketing comes in various forms and is no longer limited to gigs, albums and singles. With technology constantly evolving, music promotion has become more high tech than ever.

The 5 Hidden Secrets of Success in Music (and LIFE!)

So, you think you’ve got the talent and the good looks right? Well these two alone will not get you on the road to being a professional musician if you neglect the essential success factors below.

5 Reasons Why Your Music Blog Gets No Hits

If you talk to any music marketing guru at the moment they all seem to agree that blogging is now a very important step in your road to world domination. But I think there is a lot of confusion out there amongst musicians about why they should actually take the time to set up a blog in the first place.

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll – And Fitness?

There is no denying that the music industry spells glitz and glamour….but it goes hand and hand with stress: mental, emotional and most of all, physical. Thus, as you try your very best to achieve your full potential as a performing artist, you must not allow your health to take a back seat. Cliche as it may sound, but the saying “Health is wealth” remains true even for rockstars.

How To Send Your Demo to a Record Company

If you want to create a name in the music industry, the first thing you need to do is to come up with a music demo with some killer songs, then send your demo to a record company who might be interested. Whether you are aspiring to be a singer or a songwriter, this can be first step you need to take in order to have the magic key to open the music industry door.

Some Handy Tips on Getting a Good Drum Beat Maker

Playing the drums is one thing, making the drums sound good with a drum beat maker is an entirely different story. Good drum players will practice for years and they still won`t be able to get the perfect beat or sound needed to be successful.

The Great Influence of Music

At the present times, people of all ages are more exposed to music. In many ways, it has been defined as our way of life. We can hear them on the radio, see their videos on the television and encounter them when we go online. We are used to have it everywhere and once it’s missing, its absence will readily be noticed. Being more adept to it is a good thing because our minds are stimulated. Most often than not, the tune we hear puts us in a good disposition. For those who cannot control their emotions in bad situations, they sing or dance it out.

What the Melodic Death Metal Is About

Melodeath or Melodic Death Metal is called a musical sub-genre which originated from death metal style. It is a combination of the new wave heavy metal genre introduced by British invasion and death metal.

Opportunities in the Music World

Do you have music in your heart but a voice only a mother could love? If so, there still opportunities in the music world for you. Why not give songwriting a try?

Equipment Check, Stop Abusing Your Audience!

So many bands abuse their audience by not taking care of their equipment and then having to deal with it on stage. I know that these bands have seen huge names in concert but still they don’t learn from what they see. Every time a band member turns away to deal with equipment because of lack of prep is abusing their audience.

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