Luttrell feat. Sara James – Around You

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Luttrell returns to Anjunadeep with the release of his latest single ‘Around You’ featuring vocals from his fiancé Sara James. Combining high energy synths characteristic to Luttrell’s sound and dreamlike vocals from Sara, Luttrell’s latest proves to be another stand-out track from the Seattle-based producer.

Since launching his Luttrell project in 2016, Eric Luttrell has become an Anjunadeep fan favourite, and produced some of the label’s most memorable moments including ‘Intergalactic Plastic’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Need You’. Luttrell’s latest offering follows on from his third album ‘Music For My Memories’ released last year on Anjunadeep. The album has amassed over 8 million streams to date and received support from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Sian Eleri and Ana Matronic.

Release Date: 6th September 2022

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