Luttrell – Sunrise Song

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Anjunadeep mainstay Luttrell returns to the label with his latest single ’Sunrise Song’. Debuted on the label’s flagship compilation ‘Anjunadeep 14’, ’Sunrise Song’ combines delicate melodies, warm pads and percussive-laden grooves, showcasing the diverse musical style of the San Francisco native.

Since introducing his Luttrell project in 2016, Eric Luttrell has become an Anjunadeep fan favourite, and produced some of the label’s most memorable moments including ‘Intergalactic Plastic’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Need You’. Building upon the success of his previous single ‘Around You’ and third album ‘Music For My Memories’, which has amassed over 12 million streams and support from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, Sian Eleri and Ana Matronic, Luttrell’s latest release adds another outstanding addition to his impressive discography.
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6 Facts About Music

Music is a universal language that can be listened to, performed, and even made. It is used for many things: it is entertainment, it can communicate, it can enrich our communities, and it puts humans in touch with beauty. Sometimes, it can do all of these things at once!

6 Facts About Production

Music production is the art of creating and recording a musical piece from beginning to end. It is a complex process that requires a unique combination of technical skills and creative talent. The ability to improvise is essential, along with a solid understanding of music theory.


The way in which notes are played or sung, including their length, stress (accento), or sudden emphasis (sforzando). It also includes how the music is phrased and organized in time, which is known as rhythm.

Popular Artists

Music has a long tradition of incorporating cultural heritage while embracing contemporary influences and creating new styles and genres. This can be seen in the fusion of traditional Latin American sounds with a more modern sound, as evidenced by artists such as Los Tigres del Norte and Mariacheno.


The categories that music is divided into are based on the style of instrumentation, the use of vocals, and the underlying themes or emotions conveyed. Some examples include classical, pop, dance, rap and R&B. One of the most interesting and recent developments in music is K-Pop, which combines elements of pop, electronic dance, rap and classical music and was created in South Korea in the early 2000s.

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