Marsh – All Night Long (Icarus Remix)

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UK duo Icarus rework ‘All Night Long’ one of the highlight singles from Marsh’s third album ‘Endless’.

With over six million streams across DSPs, 15’000 album tour tickets sold and a sold-out show at London’s iconic Electric Brixton, Marsh and his third artist album ‘Endless’ are becoming a staple in the international dance music scene.

Premiered by Marsh on his DJ Mag live stream back in April, Icarus’ remix of All Night Long takes the original deeper into the underground scene.

Icarus’ Remix of ‘All Night Long’ is out May 9th on Anjuandeep. ‘Endless – The Remixes Part 01’ will follow on May 16th.

Release date: 9th May 2023

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What Is Music?

Music accomplishes many things: it has practical utility that can be applied to various endeavors, it plays a substantial role in culture, it provides entertainment, it gives people an outlet to express emotions, and it helps us understand beauty. But what exactly is music? A practical definition might be “structured sound that is humanly patterned or organized.” While this doesn’t fully capture all the elements of music, it covers most bases and can be used as a starting point.

Musical instruments were first developed in prehistory. The oldest known instrument is the lyre, which dates back 42,000-43,000 years and was probably used for recreation. Archaeological evidence also points to the use of whistles as a form of musical communication.

In ancient Greece, the lyre (chelys or lyra) was very popular. It had a tortoise-shell body that held two curved rods or horns and was topped with a skin belly. The strings were twisted around these vertical rods and a horizontal bar that could be turned to retune the kollopes. The chelys was played by all educated Greeks and appeared on vases and statues. A more elaborate lyre, the kithara, was used by professional musicians and is seen on some of the best-known ancient Greek pottery.

Modern music production uses a wide variety of tools and techniques, including synthesisers and sample instruments. Virtual instruments generally fall into one of two categories: synthesisers, which are purely digital and use algorithms to generate sounds, and sample instruments, which rely upon real recordings of acoustic instruments and carefully prepared recordings that are ‘loaded’ into the virtual instrument so they can be triggered as you play.

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