Marsh feat. Leo Wood – Blue (Warung Remix)

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Three standout singles from Marsh’s third artist album ‘Endless’ receive reworks from Icarus, Anyasa and Warung.

With 15,000 album tour tickets sold to date, and a sold-out show at London’s iconic Electric Brixton under his belt, Marsh and his most recent album are fast becoming staples in the dance music scene, and with these new reworks, ‘Endless’ is taken even further onto the dancefloor.

Anyasa, the new alias of renowned Indian producer Anish Sood, adds acid basslines and a driving energy to ‘Forgiveness’, while Boston rising stars Warung add a heavier, clubbier feel to soft breakbeat track ‘Blue’. Combined with the already-released remix from Icarus, the two new offerings from these up-and-coming names make for a diverse and dynamic remix package.

Release date: 16th May 2023

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