Marsh – Pneuma (Volen Sentir Remix)

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In February of this year, Tom Marshall, aka Marsh, released his third artist album, ‘Endless’, and in the five months since, it has accumulated well over 10 million streams, and has gained praise from outlets as notable as DJ Mag, BBC Radio 1.

He has also taken the album on a world tour, selling over 20,000 tickets in 40 countries on four continents.

Marsh has recently played at Anjunadeep label shows at the Brooklyn Mirage, and Montréal’s famed Piknic series, and later this summer will headline at Tomorrowland, and Anjunadeep’s Open Air London at Finsbury Park, to a crowd of 8,000.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Tom is launching his own, exciting ‘All Night Long’ event series, which sees him play extra-special extended sets in some of the UK and North America’s most esteemed club venues.

With Tom and ‘Endless’ still riding high, he now unveils an exciting remix album, featuring diverse artists from fan favourites HANA, Warung and Ezequiel Arias; dance music legends like Hernan Cattaneo & Simply City; and other exciting talents Dave DK, Alex O’Rion, Volen Sentir and Wassu.

Release date: 4th August 2023

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The Power of Music

Music, in one form or another, permeates every culture. Its popularity in modern times suggests a widespread faith in its power to evoke emotion, shape personality and influence behavior. The use of music in psychotherapy, geriatrics and advertising attest to the continuing power of this art to appeal to humans.

Musical composition is the product of a special shared relationship between a person’s behaviour and the sounding object. Whether a musical piece is improvised, based on notation or a combination of both, its creator is known as the composer. In a band or a musical group, the person in charge of the arrangements is called an arranger.

The earliest musical instruments were probably drums and the human voice. Some animals also use music to communicate, such as songbirds using their songs to mark territory or attract mates. Researchers have found that plants grow faster and healthier in the presence of music.

Some of the most famous music festivals took place in New York, starting with Woodstock in 1969 and continuing with countless other acts, including the Beatles in the first American stadium concerts, the Grateful Dead-adjacent touring outfit Dead & Company and the likes of Billy Joel at Citi Field. But NYC isn’t the only city hosting large-scale music events; it’s easy to find a festival in most of the major cities and many smaller, more obscure locales ranging from big metropolises to suburban sprawls and upstate farm areas.

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